The Align Pant- New Colors now in-store!

I’ll admit, I was tempted. I went TWICE to the store to try on the Align pant. They were practically all gone by the time I arrived Monday afternoon, the first time, and I tried my normal size, but I’m between sizes right now, so I figured I’ll wait until they get re-stocked in my “between sizes” size, and try them again.

The next time that happened was about a week later, and this did not change my opinion of them. They feel amazing, but I am just not quite sold. First off, I don’t love high-waisted pants. I have a couple of pairs in a select print or two, and while I don’t love the high waist, I get a lot of use out of them because I love the print. Second, while the fabric is exceptionally soft, I don’t like the way they feel. I want them to feel like a Wunder Under, and they don’t, so it’s really just a couple of preference issues so far. The third reason I don’t love them is because the fabric feels thin to me and, fourth, I read online that it attracts dog hair quite easily. I have a white dog. This would not go well with these pants. Fifth, the fabric at the ankle is bunchy, I guess if I were taller that this might not be a problem, but it bothered me, I even took a picture.

That said, yet another reason I did not buy them was because they’re boring. I have a pair of black Wunder Unders, I also have a few pairs of other black pants. I don’t need more black in my wardrobe.

With regards to size- if you’re between sizes like me, go with your smaller size.

So, as per the title of this post, it’s good to see that Lulu has manufactured and is now stocking, in-store, Align Pants with colored waistbands. Honestly, they are so so soft, and while I still probably won’t rush out to buy them, at least this is a step in the right direction. If they throw a great print on them, like the cherry cheeta one I saw in this bra I spoke about recently, well, I might have to pick up a pair.

Here they are, in store- I think the blue is Saphire and the pink looks like Pink Shell but is likely not.

What do YOU think about the Align pants? Have you tried them? So many people are enjoying them! I’d love to hear your opinion.


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