New Year’s Resolution #1 Better Skin

I know, it’s fluffy. I don’t want to save the whales or feed the homeless. I recently relocated & the air here is a lot more humid than what I’m used to & my skin has suffered the consequences. That said, I’d really like to start controlling my humongous pores & new “face friends,” (pimples) with a skin care routine. I know a lot of people already have this stuff down pat, but I’ve never had so much acne in my life & I think I need some serious intervention. Clean & Clear is just not hacking it anymore. So this year, I would like to develop an effective, inexpensive (or at least as cheap as possible) skin care routine that will combat acne, wrinkles & the humidity of my new city.

I have some ideas.

1. Clarisonic. I recently purchased a Clarisonic Mia 2. You can find them here. I think I’m using it correctly, I’ve been spending about 3 minutes a day with mine, usually in the shower. I love it because it makes my skin feel clean & it’s waterproof, so no leaning over the sink hoping water doesn’t drip down your arms.

2. I also recently gave in to the “Glam Glow” hype & bought a jar of my very own. I’ve tried it twice & I’m still not sure what I think. It’s good because my skin feels nice after I use it, but I don’t know if it’s an effective acne treatment. I’ve put a few tips in my next post.

3. Stronger Salicylic Acid treatment. I currently use a 2.0% Clean & Clear treatment, I am going to search for something stronger.

4. I’m very satisfied with my current cleansers. I use Philosophy “Total Matteness” with my Clarisonic in the shower, but if I have already done a Glam Glow or other drying mask, I use Philosophy “Purity.” As for “other masks,” I have also used The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Face Mask. It doesn’t “dry” on your face like most masks do, but I definitely think it works. It’s not a moisturizing mask, -it’s more of a acne treatment/ prevention type of mask which works for me because I think I need something a little more abrasive than most.

5. YouTube videos: Some of my favorite YouTubers are beauty video girls. They review makeup products and share their hauls and unboxings (opening BirchBox or other beauty subscription service box) on YouTube. I plan to watch some of their videos for new ideas on what my routine should be & which new products I might want to try.

Once I develop a new routine, I’ll write a new post with all the details.

What do you do in your skin care routine? Do you have a “routine,” or do you ‘wing’ it, like I do? What are some of your favorite skin care products? Link them below! Thanks for reading!


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