My Last Post of the Year

This has been a very transitional year for me, but I hope I get to say that every year. I started this blog this year and am grateful for all of my readers. I began writing this blog with the intention to inform people about the marketability & investment value of Lululemon clothing. I have since posted about beauty hauls, nail polish and fitness, among other topics. I plan to continue to write about the things I love, with a continuing focus on Lululemon. I also want to share my New Years Resolutions with all of you and plan to write about how I’m doing with those.

In order to add a little flavor to this otherwise bland post I will share with you my Top 5 Favorite Pieces of Lululemon Acquired This Year:

Parallel Stripe Wunder Under crops.

Plum Dance Studio Jacket

Gratitude Wrap in Deep Zinfandel

Fluff Off Pullover in Surge

Fast Track Shorts in Twin Stripe Spry Blue/ Black

My Top 5, 2013
My Top 5, 2013

I can’t really put them in order, and I know my list mostly consists of pieces from the last quarter of this year, but I was bored until Plum came along. I really like the Fast Track Shorts because they hold my butt up and the large pocket on the side is big enough for an iPhone. Plus, the waistband is super comfortable and doesn’t dig in.

Parallel Wunder Under Crops were a must. The hype was a little unwarranted, but they really do make your butt look nice. I always notice how every time I see a cheap brand of pants, the stripes or pattern never lines up, but Lululemon takes the time to make sure the stripes line up. I appreciate that.

I absolutely love my Fluff Off Pullover in SurgeI even wrote a post about the gorgeous Fluff Off line and splurged a little. I loved seeing it on Fox Sideline Reporter, Laura Okmin at the Steelers/ Lions game on November 17th. Here’s a photo:

Laura Okmin wearing a Surge Fluff Off Pullover
Laura Okmin wearing a Surge Fluff Off Pullover

I wear my Plum Dance Studio Jacket all the time. I love plum, it has been my favorite color Lululemon released this year and it’s a darker one, so I find it more flattering than the other colours I loved like Surge & Paris Perfection. Of course, I like the overall design with the hood & the thumbholes, the reversibility etc… But I also love the deep pockets and the length.

Finally, I have really been enjoying my Gratitude Wrap in Deep Zinfandel. I wear it around the house a lot. I think the color is gorgeous and again dark & flattering. I also bought a Vinyasa Scarf & Bang Buster in this color. I also really liked the Rose Herringbone printed Deep Zinfandel Scuba Hoodie & ordered it as well. The Gratitude wrap’s tight sleeves don’t bother me, except a little at the wrists, especially if I’m wearing a bracelet. But other than that the fit is very flattering. The versatility of this very casual piece is sure to find it’s way with me to class on many chilly days. The length is perfect for the more modest ladies, but it is fitted through the waistline, so it maintains a feminine shape.

I am so happy to write and watch my blog grow. I hope you all enjoy my posts & share your love of Lulu & experiences with me in the coming year. Thanks for reading!


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4 thoughts on “My Last Post of the Year”

    1. There was an unnecessary amount of hype surrounding them, even though, they are really nice. You can probably find them on eBay, but I would expect to pay at least 50% above retail, for New with tags listings. :-/ I wish I could help more!


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