Gratitude Wrap Fit Review

Today, I had to go to my local store to try on the Gratitude Wrap. I missed out on them last time & I had to see what they were all about.

Here’s a pretty picture I found in a PN:

Heathered White Gratitude Wrap & Winter Orchid/ Deep Zinfandel Vinyasa scarf
Heathered White Gratitude Wrap & Winter Orchid/ Deep Zinfandel Vinyasa scarf

I’ll start at the top & move down. First, the collar is fantastic and can be worn all the way buttoned up, or with the first one or two undone. It’s tres chic! It’s fitted across the chest when buttoned, and flares out all the way to the bottom. The arms are really tight. I stayed true to size, but both my size and my size up felt tight in the arms, so I decided that sizing up was pointless. The one thing that sort of bothered me was that the threads where they sewed the buttons on were un-trimmed. It makes the garment look unfinished and cheap. I’ll be cutting them myself, to the best of my ability, but it would have been nice if everything looked tidy to begin with. I do love the two pockets, they’re perfect for throwing your hands into on a cold day. The cinch at the bottom is a cute detail, but I probably won’t be using it. I find the fit flattering overall, and I went home with a Deep Zinfandel Gratitude Wrap, and a Paris Perfection Bang Buster. Because we all know I need more Bang Busters.

Anyways- I hope y’all get a chance to grab one- they’re super popular & selling out quick!

Gratitude Wrap Heathered Black


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