Some Goodies From Australia

Here are a few things I noticed in Australia. I’m sure we won’t get everything I saw, but I’m hoping for a few things to reach North America.

New Clear Mint Color

New: In A Flash Singlet
New: In A Flash Singlet

Since this is the Summer line in Australia, I’m not 100% sure the In A Flash Singlet will make it here, but there are a ton of items in the Clear Mint color. Quite a few have already been uploaded. Speed Shorts in Clear Mint are in Australia, so hopefully those make it here.

Core Kicker Crop - back Core Kicker Crop in Assorted Stripe Bleached Coral:Inkwell

These Core Kicker Crops have already been uploaded in solid black. I really like these in the Assorted Stripe Bleached Coral/Inkwell.

Track Tee - back Track Tee in Clear Mint:Surge

I love this Track Tee in Clear Mint/ Surge. I really want to try it on.

Again, this stuff is on the Australia side, so I really HOPE we get it, but you never know. The 105 Singlet is coming in Clear Mint too, so we might not get the In A Flash Singlet. I am looking forward to try on the Track Tee. I hope it comes here!


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