UPLOAD: Grey, Grey, Grey, Grey, Black, Swim, Dark Blue, and Grey.

Spring? Spriiiing!? Where are you? It was 27 Celsius (warm!) and Sunny yesterday. I thought Spring was here! Spring? The equinox has come & gone. Daylight Savings time is over, Sping is officially here! Except it’s nowhere to be found! At least it is next to completely abscent from Lululemon’s most recent upload! 

Wunder Unders, in an array of lengths and rises. And if you don’t like Wunder Unders in this print, why not try some Inspire Tights? “Buy our collection of Cityscape Grey items: Just in time for Spring!”

For the record, this color is actually called “arrow jacquard battleship silver spoon.”

Oh, you don’t like this grey? Please, try one of our other Shades of Grey. We heard that Shades of Grey are a popular thing among our target market!

This one on the left is called “sea spray alpine white dark chrome.” And the one on the top right is called “slate/ white,” while the bottom one is called “bit point ice grey black.” Will you buy these grey items?

Grey is fine and good. I have some grey in my wardrobe. But where are the bright pinks? Where are the Bleached Coral, Beach Blanket Blue, Ray, Lilac colors? Give me a pastel! To be clear, there are some “colors” on Lululemon.com. They include Dark Olive, Deep Rouge and Midnight Navy. These are all dark colors. Great for Fall and Winter, but the literal opposite of what I, an many others, crave right now! Spring. 

Come on, Lulu, Bring on the Spring.

 Just my opinion, tell me yours in the comments!


Author: lululemonexpert

Blogger, Lululemon Enthusiast, Polyglot, Autodidact

4 thoughts on “UPLOAD: Grey, Grey, Grey, Grey, Black, Swim, Dark Blue, and Grey.”

  1. Haha so right!!! Grey, grey,grey,and grey, just like you said!! So tired of the boring colors! I saw a very nice color last week (Hydrangea blue, I love it) and thought that more items would be downloaded tonight but nope! I haven’t bought anything in ages, I buy on Facebook from the groups like BST…when I see something I like!

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    1. Yup. eBay, Facebook, Poshmark- all way better options than Lululemon.com right now. Thanks for the comment- I’m glad you agree. Lulu’s Spring palette should be here by now. And either it’s on its way, Or: This is it. And that would be sad, so I’m going to keep hoping that it’s coming soon!


      1. I keep hoping too but I think it’s a lost cause. I’m just surprised and disappointed that it was all grey for so long! We are all waiting for nice colors and patterns!

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