We Made Too Much Predictions

Hello everyone!

Hope your day is going super! I just wanted to take some time to talk about the most recent upload and recently uploaded items. This post is going to talk about my predictions for what will go on sale. Disclaimer: I am not clairvoyant. I can not actually tell you what will go on sale, some of the things I predict will go to WMTM will actually just end up in the outlets. Also, some may not end up on sale at all. In addition, these are just MY opinions. What I think will make it to WMTM is not even necessarily a reflection of the attractiveness of the item and I explain my reasoning for each below. So, if you like an item, go ahead and buy it! Who knows!? Maybe I am wrong and it will become a coveted Unicorn!

 This is being written before Tuesday evening, which means that by the time you read this these items may not be the very most recently uploaded. 

The first item that I predict will end up on markdown is the “Easy As” jacket. It comes in Dark Olive, Midnight Navy & Black. It’s made from Glyde fabric which is water repellent. At $168, for what is a very plain-looking jacket, in my opinion, it isn’t worth it. I will not be surprised when I see this on markdown.

The second item I predict will make it to the sale rack is the NTS Jacket. The fabric on these jackets actually feels nice, but to me, the shape is not as flattering as many of the other offerings that Lululemon has. This jacket also looks a little short on the models, although, they may be 5’10 or taller even, given the industry. To sum this jacket up: It looks boxy. It retails for $128. I think they can knock off $30, sell it for under $100, and still make a decent profit. 

The next item in my WMTM prediction list is this Sole Training Short Sleeve *UV Protection. This, in my opinion, is actually a really pretty T-Shirt. However, I also think it is slightly overpriced. I will not be surprised to see it on sale for $15- $20 less than its current retail of $68.

The next WMTM prediction is the Smooth Stride bra. Many of Lululemon’s non-core collection bras end up on the sale rack, so I feel like this is a really safe prediction for at least a $10 savings. The Smooth Stride retails for $58. I am especially optimistic in terms of it ending up on sale for this bra in the Henna color (bottom of photo), and I also feel safe predicting that most other (if not all other items) in this Henna color will end up on the sale rack. My opinion is that it is too close to a flesh tone for many would-be buyers.

The final item I predict will end up in WMTM are the Reveal 7/8th Crops. These are pretty cute, actually, but the mesh, that is shown in the right-most photo looks large and therefore fragile, in my opinion. I can see it now, one day, I’m walking along in my Reveal crops, the next, something gets snagged on those large holes. Additionally, I feel that the mesh is overdone in these and by Lululemon lately in general. But for the mostpart these scream fragile to me, and I just can’t afford $118 tights that I’m afraid to wear. 

What do you think will make it to WMTM? Let me know in the comments! Do you agree with my predictions? Disagree? I would love to hear from you!

May 17, 2017 UPDATE 

I found the Easy As jacket on sale for $129

I found the NTS jacket on sale for $79

Also spotted the Smooth Stride bra for $34


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2 thoughts on “We Made Too Much Predictions”

  1. Looking at WMTM, you were spot on. Smooth stride ended up being the worst investment in lulu I’ve made, as even the black ones give the impression that you have peed your pants.

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