Better Things to Come…

Hello everyone! The last few weeks have been snooze-fests for me, in terms of uploads. I’ve been visiting my local store and checking out uploads on Tuesdays, and I’ve been less than impressed. Lately, I’ve really enjoyed the “Hot Like Agni” line- with the exception of the pants, but the crops, bra and singlet were all lovely. Other than that, I have found Lululemon’s new offerings bland and uninspired. Unfortunately, beginning around the holidays, Lululemon switches to a black/white/ and sometimes pink colorway. It stays predominantly black & white until the end of the holiday return period, so that returns can be easily integrated into the color scheme on the sales floor instead of sticking out too much. Then, along come the early Spring releases. Aren’t they usually out by now? Last year by this time we already saw some coral (Make A Move shorts) and bright pink (Speed Track shorts). Remember the Capoeira pants? They came out around now last year too. 

Capoeira Pants from late Feb 2016

This Tuesday, the upload consisted of some muted blues and a bunch more black, white and grey. There is a lovely red color that reminds me of Cranberry called “Deep Rouge.” I am somewhat excited about the Cool Racerback in that color, but nothing else so far. 

However, I did notice this gem in the product information for the Fringe Fighter in the heathered version of this Deep Rouge color. 

That’s a pretty gorgeous Define jacket right there. Perhaps a sign of better things to come.

In the meantime, I’m missing pretty pastels and bright colors. I can’t wait for the palette to change from muted, autumn tones to bold, lively spring ones. 

What are you most excited for? Let me know in the comments! 


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