Ulta’s Ultamate Rewards Program Tips & Tricks

When you reach 2,000 points, spend your points 2,000 at at time, this is when they have the greatest per point monetary value. Also: You can redeem -maximum- up to 4,000 points at once in a purchase online.

Wait for 3x and 5x the points offers to make purchases.

Once a year, Ulta has a 10x the points Platinum Member Appreciation Day- it’s at the end of August each year.

Wait until Wednesdays for the best “Gift With Purchase” offers.

Hello everyone!

**UPDATE January 21, 2018: I recently published my thoughts and a little math regarding Ulta’s NEW Diamond rewards tier!

Let me just start by saying: I LOVE makeup! However, I am all about getting the best deals on the things I love. For example, just check out this post I wrote about getting the best deals on Lululemon!

I WISH Lululemon had a rewards program, but since 2014,  nothing has materialized. I hope to update this post with a retraction, but I digress…

UPDATE: Editing this post to add a photo of the HeyLululemon.com link, since HeyLululemon is being closed down on the 16th of May 2016.

Hey lululemon.png

This post is going to be about how to get the most out of the Ultamate rewards program, how to save money at Ulta and how to get the most out of the money that you do spend. I love their rewards program, as well as the extra savings I’m able to get- and because of this, I almost never shop at Sephora anymore!

If you play your cards right, you can accumulate tons of points at Ulta, and the more points you get- the more money you can save!

UPDATE: FEB 25/ 2016

This post is over 3,000 words long! And although I think the information is valuable throughout, I also think that 3,000 words is too long for one post! So, here are the main points, summarized, for busy people who don’t have time to read this entire post.

When you reach 2,000 points, spend your points 2,000 at at time, this is when they have the greatest per point monetary value.

Wait for 3x and 5x the points offers to make purchases. 

Once a year, Ulta has a 10x the points Platinum Member Appreciation Day- it’s at the end of August each year.

Wait until Wednesdays for the best “Gift With Purchase” offers.

If you want to know the whys behind the points listed above in bold- please read on below!

Steps to getting the most out of Ulta and the Ultamate Rewards Program


Creat an account on Ulta.com and sign up for the rewards program! Simple enough!

Subscribe to emails:


When you sign up, be sure that the box is checked for “Yes! Please send me emails with current offers,new products and over $250 per year in saving coupons!” This way you can be sure that you’re receiving all your offers. I would also say that it’s likely that these offers are worth way more than just $250 a year, depending on how much you spend.

Take Full Advantage of the Offers You Receive!


Since you’ve signed up to be an Ultamate rewards member, and you’re now receiving email offers, you’ll want to be sure that you’re leveraging those offers for all they’re worth! There are a few different types of offers to consider, and I will discuss them below.  I also created this excel sheet to show how often I received offers from Ulta from February 19, 2015 until Platinum Appreciation Day, August 24th, 2015.

Ulta Perks

From the same data, I also created this Pivot table, which shows us that the most common day to receive offers is Wednesday, and that the most common requirement was either a $40 or $50 Ulta purchase in order to receive the perk.

Pivot Table of Ulta Offers

Offers Available:

1.) 4-Hours Only Free Gifts, aka “Beauty Breaks”

These are extra gifts usually requiring any $50 purchase on Ulta.com between the hours of 10:00am and 2:00pm on the day that you receive the email. One great thing about these is that they can be combined with other offers including 5x the points offers and other GWP offers. Ulta also offers so-called “Extended Beauty Breaks,” that can last up to 12 hours, however, the most common are the ones that are four hours in length.

2.) Earn Extra Points with 2x, 3x, and 5x the Points Offers

In addition to all the other coupons, gift with purchase offers, and other perks, Ulta will often offer double, triple or even quintuple the points on certain items! This is the best way to build up your points balance quickly! Remember, points are as good as money at Ulta so it’s worth doing your best to activate offers and combine them with GWPs to maximize what you get for every dollar spent at Ulta.

Just as an aside, a lot of the time, when I’m offered 3x the points for Platinum members, non-platinum members get a 2x the points offer as well, but since I’m a Platinum member, I’m sure I’m not always seeing every time that regular Ultamate rewards members are receiving double the points offers.

3.) Free Gifts With Purchase

Ulta’s brands are constantly giving away free GWPs. You just have to know where to find them to see them. On Ulta’s website, if you click “sale” on the left hand side of the screen, you have the option of seeing three different types of offers.

The first is “Buy More, Save More,” which is usually filled with their drugstore brands as well as hair care. Every so often they’ll have something that’s rarely on sale listed, so I do like to check it out. One of my favorite hair masks is called “Therapy Session Hair Mask” by Eva NYC. It’s almost always on sale, but a few times a year they’ll have it on BOGO, and that’s when I stock up!

The second is where you’ll find all the brands that are currently offering GWPs. There are currently 40 different ones to choose from, and it’s really fun when I’m able to combine a “Beauty Break” with a free GWP by being careful about which brands I choose.

The last is their “Sale” section. Personally, I don’t find this section to be particularly helpful since, at any one time Ulta is having a “sale” on hundreds of items, and it’s difficult to find any good deals when you’re not able put things in order by “percentage off.” PS: I love doing that on 6pm.com’s website.

I also keep in mind that some of those “sale” items are almost always on sale, and so they’re not really that great a deal. A lot of retailers do this, because by listing something as “on sale,” and having a ‘regular price’ that’s higher than you expect consumers to pay, you can create perceived value and increase sales. Unfortunately, this practice is common among consumer goods- especially clothing. In the linked article, this line says it best: “So many discounts are priced into the cost of goods these days that it is possible to mark an item down severely and still make money.” This phenomenon is nothing I want to write extensively about right now, but definitely something I keep in mind when making purchases.

4.) Extra Deals

There were also other sales and offers that I didn’t discuss because they were, in my opinion, not the best sales, or not a “surprise,” like the “Beauty Breaks” are. Of note, I did not include any of the ’21-days of Beauty’ deals that change every day when they are being offered. This is mainly because you can just look at the ad that Ulta puts out to see when those deals are offered. Another thing I did not include were periodic invitations to enter contests- I think I only received one or two, and I didn’t feel that they were relevant to this blog post.

Become a Platinum member


Become a Platinum member. In order to achieve “Platinum” status, you must spend $450 in a given calendar year. If you love makeup, like I do, you’re probably already there or you’re spending money at Sephora and DermStore and Urban Decay and other online makeup shops in addition to shopping at Ulta. Since I’ve discovered how good the benefits of shopping at Ulta are, I’ve essentially stopped shopping elsewhere for makeup and skincare. If you check Ulta first for your beauty needs, I’m sure you’ll be Platinum in no time.

There are several reasons to want to become a Platinum member:

1.) Earn more points per dollar spent.

One of the perks of being a Platinum Ultamate Rewards member is that instead of earning only point per dollar spent, you earn 1 *base* point per dollar, plus 0.25 *bonus points*. This distinction between base and bonus points becomes important when calculating the number of points one earns when 2x, 3x, and 5x the points offers are fielded. Namely, the offers apply only to base points and not to bonus points. So, for example, if you activate a 3x the points offer, and spend $100, you’ll earn 325 points (100 base times 3, plus your 25 bonus points for being Platinum), not 375 points (which is what it would be if all points earned were multiplied by three and not just base points). I hope this provides some clarity.

2.) Points don’t expire.

This is essential to saving up your points and then ultimately earning the most number possible. Platinum member’s points don’t expire.

3.) You get a 2x the points offer and an EXTRA birthday gift during your birthday month! Make sure you let them know your birthday!

4.) You get extra offers. These are called “Platinum Perks,” and you will get plenty of them once you’re Platinum. These will help you maximize your point-earning potential!

Get The Most Bang For Your Buck At Ulta


You’ll want to start getting the most value for the money that you spend at Ulta. Here is a list of some of the ways I get the most value for my makeup dollars, and how I save money by shopping at Ulta.

Save MORE with coupons!

Ulta constantly has a $3.50 coupon, that you can almost always use on your purchase, unless you’re only buying things that literally have a little warning under them that explicitly tells you that coupons don’t apply. Personally, I appreciate that Ulta lists that certain items are not eligible for coupon discounts, because it is transparent and honest. Instead of clicking “check out” and finding out that my item is not eligible for coupon discounts, Ulta tells you up-front. I have experienced this before at other vendors, both in-store and online and I’m sure you have also been disappointed by the lack of transparency in pricing before as well.

Ulta will also often email “20% off of one item” coupons. This is great if there’s a single, but more pricey item that you would like.

Save EVEN MORE with eBates and Shop at Home!

There are so many posts online on how to save money using eBates. It’s not a scam, it’s just an intermediary website that helps direct traffic and purchases to a lot of already very popular online retailers. You literally just get money back from shopping at places you already shop. Shop at Home operates very similarly, and also offers cashback for shopping online, however, I find eBates more convenient since it deposits directly into your PayPal account. I included Shop at Home because, as of this writing, it was offering  4% cash back on Ulta.com, while eBates was offering 3%. However, eBates does sometimes offer double cash back on websites on a regular basis. And I have seen cash back offers from eBates for Ulta purchases of up to 8%.

I am writing this post about Ulta for the same reason I wrote the review of MyFitnessPal Premium: There isn’t a very good post online about how to make the most of your Ulta points. There are a few that explain them, but none that go into detail about how to best accumulate and take advantage of all the offers that Ulta sends online- or how to combine them!

So, in the interest of comprehensive inclusion of all the ways to save on your Ulta purchase, I have included eBates and Shop At Home, which offers a similar discount on Ulta’s website. I also checked every website on this list, and both eBates and Shop at Home offered the highest percentage discounts on Ulta, from what I could tell.

Just FYI: I do use eBates, and the above is a referral link, but I do not use Shop at Home because I don’t like that they send a physical check. I prefer eBates because it deposits the money directly into my PayPal account and doesn’t use such archaic implements.

GET MORE by Combining Offers

Combine Gifts With Purchase To Get More

In addition to the emailed offers documented above, I also received notices when other gift with purchase (GWP) offers were available, but to be honest, I rarely spend the $35 to $50 required to get these smaller GWPs, I usually wait for something more substantive to come around.

For example, Benefit often has a GWP available, usually a little makeup bag or a small sample of a product, but rather than make a purchase that day, if I’m in the market for a Benefit product, I tend to wait until an extra GWP is offered like the “Strivectin 3-piece gift with any $40 Ulta purchase,” that way I get both GWPs from one purchase.

Explaining the Points

As I mentioned above, a major reason why I’m writing this post is to let you know how I accumulate tons of points at Ulta. The following is this writer’s best attempt.

How Earning & Redeeming Works

Ultamate Rewards Schedule.png

I found this great graph online showing how the rewards increase as you earn more points. The redemption trend is not linear and affects how much money you get and this graph shows why you should just save your points rather than spending them. I also found this Reddit  pretty useful.

How I Accumulate Tons of Points

Accumulate 2,000 Points


If you can, get to the top level of Ulta’s reward program. It says “$125” after 2,000 points are earned, but you can continue to earn after that. Once you reach the 2000 point level, I recommend spending your points 2000 points at a time. This is the time at which your points will have the greatest per point monetary value. Once you reach the 2000 level, although you can continue earning points, the monetary value of each point begins to decline. As you can see in the table, the value per point comes up from zero, decline at 2000, and go up again until you hit 4000.

Worth Noting: I currently have 4950 points, and I can redeem up to $286 with them, but when I attempt to check out online, Ulta only allows me to redeem $250 (4,000 points) at a time.


Leverage 2x, 3x, and 5x the Points Offers


As I mentioned above, keep an eye out for special offers in your inbox! A lot of times Ulta will offer 2x, 3x or 5x the points on certain brands, or just any $50 purchase. Use these opportunities to make planned purchases. I won’t even shop at Ulta unless I’m getting a kickback- and neither should you!

One other thing should be mentioned here: Once a year, Ulta has a 10x the points offer active for one day. Let’s say you make a $100 purchase, you’ll earn 100 points, right? But if you’re Platinum you’ll get 125. In addition, you’ll get 900 more points, because the calculation is always based on the “Base Points” and doesn’t include the bonus points you receive for being Platinum. However, 1025 points is still a tidy sum. And, earning $0.0625 per point, you’ve literally earned $64 on that purchase in points. That’s incredible. In 2013, the 10x the points offer took place on August 26th, 2014 was August 25 and in 2015 it took place on August 24th. I hope that 2016 will also see a Platinum member appreciation day with 10x the points! In the case that there is one, it will be either the 22nd or the 29th of August, if this “Monday, late August” trend holds true.

Caveat: Last year the products that were eligible for 10x the points were somewhat, but not egregiously, limited.

Example of how quickly points add up after you get to 2,000- while leveraging other Ulta offers.

So, for instance, recently, I got to the 2,000 level. That entitles me to $125 off my next purchase. However, since Platinum member points don’t expire, I can earn even more points! Fast forward, having only spent about $60, I’m now at the 2300 point level, and am entitled to $134 off my next order. This is an example of how you can leverage a combination of the bonus points offers, and base-level bonus points.

The $60 I spent was on items during a 5x the points event, which means that I earned enough points to get a discount of over $9. In addition, I received an eBates discount of 4%, or about $2.50, bringing my savings to about $11.50. That’s almost 20%! You can save almost 20% at Ulta and receive other perks every single time just by following the advice given here.

Other ways to earn & save

Use the Ulta Salon for hair services. I recently decided to start searching for a new hairdresser, and the next cut I get will be from Ulta. You can accumulate points there too and they also offer Ulta Salon coupons- especially for new clients. Buyer beware: Not all stylists at the Ulta Salon are equally talented. Be sure to ask which level of stylist they are if you’re concerned about quality. Last time I went there, I just got a (glorious!) deep conditioning treatment, so I wasn’t concerned about skill. However, next time I go it will be for a haircut, so I will definitely inquire.

Remember that Ulta also sells fragrance, skincare and hair tools. Don’t forget to think of Ulta for gifts too! These large, often planned, purchases can add up to a lot of points and savings if you remember to buy when there’s a 5x the points offer or a 20% off coupon!


I mentioned this above, but the deal at Ulta where we both get $10 is a referral link. I just want to make sure that people know that. Ulta didn’t pay me for this post, and my opinions are my own. Secondly, as I also mentioned above, the eBates link is also a referral link, but again, they don’t know who I am and did not pay me to mention them. Maybe one day they will! Again, these are just my positive experiences that I am happy to share. Also: Anyone can get their own referral links once they sign up for these services.

Just one more thing…

Finally, if you made it to the end of this post, I thank you. Please let me know by commenting below. Did I miss anything? Did I make any mistakes? Please correct me! I’m always very appreciative of your feedback! Lastly, if this has helped you, why not share it with your friends?! 😉 Everyone loves a good deal!


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Blogger, Lululemon Enthusiast, Polyglot, Autodidact

37 thoughts on “Ulta’s Ultamate Rewards Program Tips & Tricks”

    1. I actually didn’t address that, but unfortunately, Ulta is only in the US and only offers shipping to the US. I have heard of some people shipping to friends and going to get their order on the other side of the border, but unfortunately Ulta, itself, doesn’t ship to Canada.

      P.S. I wouldn’t have held it against you if you had missed it though! This post is probably the longest I’ve ever blogged- at over 3,000 words!


  1. I thought this was great. I was actually searching for information on when they release the 10x points.

    I am an Ulta point hoarder too and figured out you get the most bang for your buck at the 2000 point level. So, I was interested to hear your thoughts as well. I am one of the ones that redeems at 2000 points and reaccumulates after that. I do that because of the disproportionate value of redemption dollars. $125 of “free” merchandise is a great deal!

    What I didn’t understand is why you only spend the overage of 2000 points. Let’s say you have 4k points in the kitty. If you redeem 1000 points, you will still only receive a $50 discount. Whereas, if you redeemed 2000 you would be granted $125. So, unless I am missing something, it doesn’t really matter if you have a 2000 point base as long as when you do make redemptions, you are using 2000 points a pop. Otherwise, you are just leaving free stuff in the store.

    This doesn’t seem to agree with what you said so I am very interested to hear more about your insights to make sure I am utilizing it to the best of my ability.

    Thanks for the information on ebates. I’ve been curious but never involved myself but now I think I will. Yay!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello! Thank you for your thoughts! I’m so glad you found my blog! The reason for spending the overage is so that I can continue to earn points at the 2000-level. However, you’re completely correct that so long as you wait until you have 2000 points before you redeem them, you’re golden.
      Are you sure that they require you to spend all at once? I will have to look into this further. If it is true that I will receive only a $50 discount for a 1000 points, even after saving to get to the 2000 level, then my system is incorrect and I will change my statements to reflect this. I will check into this soon. I will get back to you over the weekend to this point!
      The reason I wrote that I like to continue earning at the 2000-level is because, for example, currently I can redeem over $150, which is $0.06 on the dollar for what I spent, but if I can only redeem in 2000-point increments, and not in 1000-point increments after reaching 2000 points, then you’re right and so long as you wait until you get to 2000 before you redeem, you’re using your points to their full potential. So, like I said, I will definitely get back to you on this, and I will change my article to reflect it. I’m actually considering breaking this article up into a short series since I think 3000 words is a lot to digest and I thank you for reading and sticking around! Let me know if you have any other thoughts or suggestions!


    2. Hey Jessica! I just wanted to get back to you! So, first off, you’re completely right! I went to go redeem my points and they don’t allow you to redeem at a higher level of per point monetary value, like I thought! I have changed my post to reflect this, and I sincerely appreciate you pointing out my error. In addition in my “research” (if buying makeup is research 😉 ), I found out that AFTER 2000 points, the per point monetary value actually GOES DOWN! I couldn’t believe it! I added that to the above as well. And thank you again for helping me out!


  2. THANK YOU for the platinum member point earning with bonus offers breakdown. I have been following up on a customer service email with Ulta for over 2 weeks with this exact question and they have refused to respond (despite responding to my initial email very quickly). I don’t know what was so hard about getting that clarification! lol. I couldn’t find this spelled out in the terms and conditions and was always confused so I appreciate the explanation. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thank you! This is a very detailed explanation of how Ulta’s rewards points work. I had always been “sort of understand, sort of confused” at times, but after reading your article and Jessica’s comment, I know now that I just need to remember to spend them in multiples of 2000 points each time, right? And to take advantage of the perks as well for earning points.

    Another way to earn points is by using their Ultamate Rewards MasterCard (not Ultamate Rewards credit card, which is a store card). You get 1 point for $1 spent at Ulta (doubling Ulta points, in essence), but only 1 point for every $3 spent elsewhere. Not the best card for other uses, but to a beauty junkie like me, I think it’s worth it. 🙂


  4. question if I redeem 2000 points and buy items that are 5x points when I checkout will those extra points count since I am redeeming at that time or no


    1. Hello Tara, I don’t believe that any points are earned on points redeemed. If you end up spending money during that purchase, points are earned on dollars spent. What I mean is that if the items you purchase are 5x the points, and cost $130, and you redeem $125 worth of points (2,000 points), then you will earn 5x the points on the remaining $5 of money spent, but not earn any points on points redeemed. I hope that helps!


  5. Today I got a 5x points offer on Tarte, and yesterday I got one for 5x points on any mascara. Could I buy Tarte mascara and get 10x points, or would it only let me get one 5x on any 1 item? Loved the post btw.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think it would be 5x the points total. However, I am interested as to whether they would allow double offer activation. If they give you 10x, please let me know! Thanks for the compliment! I worked hard on this one 🙂


  6. So, more than a year later BUT I had to say that this is the best breakdown of how the platinum points work. I frequently have done the math (dollars spent X 1.25) and wondered why my points didn’t equal what I thought they should. I also thought it was great info to spend in $125 chunks — I just happened to do that last time and noticed that you’re absolutely right. I’m getting excited about the next 10x sale — (hopefully) coming soon!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Hello! Loved reading this post. Super helpful! I have two questions I wonder if you can help with. 1) I’ve been platinum since April 2017. I’ve only received one gift (they say they get gifty when you’re platinum) and even getting that one, which was an Urban Decay primer, was like pulling teeth. I went the day I got the email and was told that coupon expired. Ha! Corporate ended up just sending me a gift card for the amount of the primer so I could buy it because I wouldn’t stop emailing about it. But I mean I’m platinum now and literally you just sent this to me. So anyway I was wondering if you get more platinum perks offers like that. I get my hair done monthly at ULTA so I spend at minimum $100 every month. I have tons of points saved. Over my $125 mark. Is there a secret way to turn those Points into a gift card?

    Again thanks for this post! I think I missed the 10x points day in August though. I do not recall hearing or reading anything about it. But I look forward to the birthday perks in November. I didn’t know about this until reading your post. 🙂


  8. Hello, I am about $90 away from becoming platinum. What is the best way to get to platinum in the next 3 weeks before the year ends? Will it help if I get the actual credit card (not the store card)? Also, once I hit platinum, is it easier to stay at platinum level. When they calculate platinum is it based on actual dollars spent or points earned (based on dollars and multipliers?). Thanks in advance.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi there! Thanks for your question! Ulta calculates platinum status based on actual dollars spent. So, it won’t matter whether you get the credit card or not, although it does help you accumulate points faster! Thanks for reaching out!


  9. Hi, thank you so much for this article. I recently had 5x points on a particular item and 5x on any purchase activated at the same time and yes I got 10x points. omg it was fabulous. Thank yoou again for your great info. I currently have 3842 points and 3750 in redeemable points. I’m sitting here trying to figure out how to spend a little of them but really want to keep saving them.. but I guess I should spend 2000 of them on 1 order right? and then kind of start over? i have an order going in another window right now with an extra 250 points for an order of $60 and I am trying to figure out if i should not spend any points and go over 4000 pts or spend some. LOL. ….

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Hey! I wanted to make one small correction to how many points someone can earn, I work at Ulta and 4,000 absolutely is not the most points you can earn. I’m currently looking into what the cap is, but I have helped a few guests with over 5,000 redeemable points!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello! Thank you for your friendly comment! I originally thought you were talking about redemption values, then I went back and checked, and you weren’t. THEN I thought, well, I must have said that 4000 was the highest amount you could collect, so I went back to my post and checked, and the place that I mention 4000 is about redeeming points in increments of 2000. All that to say, that I see what you mean, I am not saying in my post that 4000 is the most you can collect, I’m just saying that the value of the points goes up, then it goes back down- and goes up again incrementally until you hit 4000 or 6000 or 8000 (any denomination of 2000 points) and then the points are worth the highest amount again. Thanks you again for stopping by!


  11. Hello, I haven’t read all of the comments, but my question is about staying platinum. I am platinum through 2018, and am about $68.00 from being platinum through 2019. I have 3000 redeemable points. If I use any of my points now, does my dollar amount that I have spent towards 2019 go down and then I have to spend more this year to be platinum through 2019? Does this make sense? Appreciate your help!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello! Thanks for your question! No, spending your points, does NOT reduce your accumulated dollar amount, but keep in mind that spending points will not count towards your dollar amount. I hope that helps!


    2. Great, thank you! I have asked this questions before at the Ulta I shop at and they said yes, so I was never really sure, because she hesitated on her answer. Thanks for your time and appreciate you answering me!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. No problem- so weird that they’d tell you that spending your earned points would reduce the amount of money you’ve spent… not the case… otherwise, I never would have gotten to Diamond!!! Which I recently did! I will be writing a post about it 🙂


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