Boxing Day at Lululemon

Hello again, everyone!

Once more: I can’t tell you how happy I am to finally have time to write again! Anyways, this year, as with every year, I went to Lululemon to find Boxing Day Deals! I didn’t come away with much, but overall, WMTM online and in-store was a bore. Maybe I’m harder to impress given how long I’ve followed and loved the brand, but this winter’s offerings were too bland. I can’t wait until the new Spring colors arrive. Plus, there was a general lack of Bordeaux Drama this winter- replaced by the slightly more purple, and less red “Darkest Magenta.” I bought something in this color, but it doesn’t excite me as much as Bordeaux Drama. Bordeaux Drama is my favorite fall color!

Bordeaux Drama vs Darkest Magenta

Anyways, I know that Lululemon puts out more black, grey and white- rather than colorful items- for the holidays, so that people will be confident that they can purchase the items for other people without knowing their favorite colors. Everyone likes neutrals, right? The other thing about that is, that given Lululemon’s extended return policy during the holidays, that if people return items the colors won’t clash on the racks. They don’t want to have one bright pink legging among a sea of black, nor do they want to have one purple, one  pink, one blue, etc… Therefore, the more muted and neutral they can keep the fall/ winter palette between the beginning and end of the extended return period, the less likely they’ll have to put something on sale just because it looks terrible on the rack next to all the other items. Given this, it leaves much to be desired by myself, a long-time, regular customer. I have black Wunder Unders. I have a black CRB. I have black sweaters. I have black Rulu tops… So, unless they’re coming out with a Space Dye or a new Ziggy Wee, I am not drawn in. I did like some of the Shibori items, and the Fairisle stuff is cute, but there’s not enough POP! in most of the colors. Although, I did end up getting a pair of In the Flow pants in shibori darkest magenta black.

Anyways, I heard that WMTM online was good for a bit, but I didn’t check until about two hours after it dropped, so, maybe I missed all the good stuff, but I checked my local store and picked up a couple of items. One item I was surprised to see on the sale rack was a pair of black In the Flow crops. Rarely do plain black items go on sale at Lululemon, so I guess I got lucky. The other thing that I saw was a pair of the Ready to Rulu pants that I was raving about earlier this year. I was debating buying the very pair I spotted on sale earlier when they first came out because I figured that that color, Running Luon Spray Jacquard White Black, would likely go to WMTM because it was similar to other colors that had gone on sale in previous years. I don’t know about you, but I’m not crazy about paying full price only to see items go to WMTM. So, I decided to wait. Glad I got lucky and I was able to pick them up on Boxing Day! It’s worth mentioning, however, that this color is not as soft as the others.


What did you get on Boxing Day!? Did you snag any good deals online or in-store? Let me know in the comments!


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