2016 In Review and My Favorites

Hello everyone!

As far as Lululemon goes, this year has been pretty ‘miss’ for me, with a few hits in between. I really feel like I’ve been more difficult to impress, and that their offerings for most of the year have been rather lackluster. One thing I especially missed are the Herringbone and Pique prints. They used to bring those every year, but not this year… I wonder why they’re missing!?

I usually do a top 5, but this year, I just want to give a shout out to some of the good things.

Ready To Rulu Pants

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE these pants, I’ve mentioned them before– they are amazing for running errands, going to class, mulling about the house, etc… Comfy Rulu (with the exception of the Spray Jacquard ones whose fabric is really not up to par), a zipper pocket big enough for your phone and cousins of my other favorites: the Base Runners. These are an improvement on that design and I will enjoy each of the pairs that I own.

Wild & Free Tights

So much fun, these tights have mesh on the side and a large pocket too! I just think they’re pretty in the Deepest Magenta color I got them in.

“Fall New White/ Black” not a huge fan of this color, but love these tights!
These are the ones I have 🙂

New Website with the “closet” tab
I actually like the new website, which I don’t think is in line with the thinking of a lot of other people. I like the colors of the layout, although I must admit- I am not a fan of all the clicking and scrolling that’s necessary to view products. However, I am someone who likes change, so maybe that’s why I like it- or it could be the “closet” tab, where you can see all your past purchases. In any case, Lululemon definitely spent way too much time & effort on their website, and not enough on giving us the feminine details on our clothes that we’ve come to expect and even took away a method of communication we were able to have with them by shutting down HeyLululemon.com. I still miss HeyLululemon.com. The community got together there and brought their best  ideas and it gave Lululemon the opportunity to respond to questions and concerns openly.
Real Quick Crops
I talked about these in this post, so I won’t go on and on about fit, but these are just wonderful. Plus they reminded me of my Run For Your Life crops. Among others, these came in these two gorgeous, almost regal colors: Deep Green and Deep Zinfandel. Both of which found their way into my collection. Definitely a fave from this year.
Vent It Out Crops
Sure, these are cute crops, but honestly it’s this color that did it for me. I wore these all summer long.

Space Dye Twist Ultra Violet Multi/ Naval Blue


April. Just April. That whole month had such vibrancy and color. I loved the new Sculpt tanks, the Seven Wonders print, Blurry Belle, Pretty Prism, some Foli Manifesto stuff, I know lots of people liked the True Self crops, Space Dye Camo Alberta Lake Fresh Teal, Rio Nights, a splash of Bali Breeze, Pure Practice Pants, Wave Twist Lilac Caspian, some Jungle Green items, the Making Moves line, some Speed Track shorts in compelling & bright colors (Rio Nights and Deep Zinfandel), Align Crops (not my cup of tea, but some were anxious to have them), Var City Crops (ditto tea comment), a re-stock of the popular If You’re Luck LS’ from the previous year, colorful Define Jackets- And that is not even everything. I didn’t mention a bunch of new tank styles and the pretty rose printed Swiftly that came out in April (well now I did), but as you can plainly see, April was easily the best Lulu month of 2016. It wasn’t 100% perfect (I was not a fan of the Sit In Silence scarf), but there were so many high points.

Hope for the New Year

Well, I hope Lululemon takes our community’s advice and start reincorporating those feminine details into its offerings. What was your favorite item or items this year? Flops?

Member April? I member.

Let me know what you think in the comments below. Thanks for reading! 🙂


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