New Things!!!

What I’m Loving Right Now!


I am really into this Retreat Dress. It looks so comfy and airy. Perfect for hot, muggy Southern summers.


Yowza! All these Free To Be Wild bras. I am not a huge fan of these but I know that they’re popular. And these are some gorgeous colors! The Wunder Under crops are Breezy Regal Plum and they look beautiful on everyone I’ve seen them on so far.


I am loving this Star Crushed print. I was at Barre class today and saw the instructor wearing a Cool Racerback in this print- it was beautiful!


Apart from loving this print- I really like this saying… Except… I think it should say: This is the beginning of EVERYTHING you want. Because I am literally loving a ton of stuff this week.


The Trail Bound line has been getting a lot of attention but I don’t see it selling out online. I felt it in-store and I have to admit that they did feel a tad thin. Honestly, I would wait this one out and see if they go to markdown if you’re interested at all. (They’re on Markdown now for $59!)


MORE Free to Be Wild bras! So pretty of colors!!! That Electric Coral looks super pretty.








This “Best Vest” jacket looks interesting, and I like it, but I feel like I would have to see it in person in order to determine whether I really like it or not. (UPDATE!: I did end up seeing this in-store and it did not impress me. I think that it sold out anyways. I wonder who bought this and what they liked best about it.)


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