Markdowns Across Lulu-Land!

I just HAD to share this because we all know how rarely Lululemon holds sales.

My opinion: We Made Too Much section has been pretty barren for many weeks. Not since Boxing Day has anything in the mark down section other than one pair of Wunder Unders caught my eye- And those were on “Super Mark Down” at only $34! Here’s a picture because I wouldn’t believe me either! LOL!


Given the fact that the last several weeks of “We Made Too Much” have consisted of items that were either sold out in popular sizes (6,8), or that they were unpopular items in general, I was delighted when I opened up “We Made Too Much” this morning to see so many gorgeous items in full size runs. I can’t make any guarantees that you’ll find something cute for yourself, but I would take a peek this week if I were you.

The other thing I want to let you know about are the IN-STORE sales that are happening. As far as I know, nothing is happening in my local store, but I’ve seen a few ads about stores in other markets that are holding sales in-store! Don’t forget to sign up for local emails and check the Facebook page(s) of your local Lululemon(s) to see if they’re holding a sale this weekend like other stores!

Here are a few I’ve seen:

” />










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