No Limits Tank, you WILL be missed

I wanted to take a few minutes to write about one of my all-time favorite Lulu tanks that was discontinued earlier this year. It was definitely one of my staples and you could pretty much guarantee I would grab them on markdown. I still wear the ones I have all the time and on any given day you can expect to see me in either an NLT (No Limits Tank) or a 105 F Singlet. The NLT is basically a very flowy top with a Flow Y bra sewn in. And they are also good at hiding bellies, pregnant ones, or ones with no excuse like mine. 

 As per usual, this blog is about resale, and I want to mention that NLTs, on average don’t hold their value as well as, let’s say, Cool Racerbacks. The reason, I think, is because the condition of these can be difficult to maintain. The mesh part can pill or easily get snagged and I’m always worried that it will show up looking very worn, so I almost never purchase NLTs second hand. The only times I have they were NWT, OR a rare color (I love my Blurred Blossom one!). NLTs have been selling on eBay for between $35 and $55, on average. As I mention in my post How to Determine the Value of Your Item, you can always search the sold listings in eBay for ideas and to see what your item has been selling for recently.

I talked about the Define jacket in my post comparing it to the Forme jacket, and I talk about how much I do prefer the Define and how disappointed I was that it had been discontinued. I hope that the No Limits Tank is re-launched in a year or two as well, and that I get to write another post like this one, only about the NLT.

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