Things I’m Loving Right Now!

I thought it was time for another instalment of “Things I’m Loving Right Now!” I haven’t done one in a while, and I felt that it was necessary to share these. I am absolutely in Lulu Love with these Inspire Crops.


They’re so gorgeous! However, I recently purchased the Not So Petit Fleur Inspire Crops, which are also made of the Full-On Luxtreme material and I found them to be too stiff. They didn’t hug my curves the way my other Luxtreme Inspire crops do. They fell down a little, and I felt like they might need to be broken in or something. Not like how my other Luxtreme crops fit perfectly the first time I tried them on. I also felt the need to size up, which was fine, it’s just that the Full-On Luxtreme material is not as stretchy as the original Luxtreme. I’m glad I bought these on mark down because I just don’t see me getting a whole lot of use out of them. They’re a very pretty pattern, in my opinion. Even though some people thought that they looked like granite counter top material, I still liked this pattern. They were marked down to $59, so I picked them up. Here they are:


Aren’t they pretty? Too bad they don’t fit as well as other Inspire crops I own. Oh well… Anyways, I was wondering if anyone else felt this way about the Full-On Luxtreme? Do you size up? Do you find it stiffer? Do they fall down on you at all? Are they perfect and you have no idea what I’m talking about? Either way: I would love to hear your opinion!

Thanks for reading!


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