The Scoop Neck Tank, Expect More

Over time, I really hope I get a chance to talk about all of my favorite Lululemon pieces. I don’t know if I’ll get there, but today I thought I’d share my collection of Scoop Neck tanks.

Scoop Neck tanks are, in my opinion, one of the best tanks for everyone to try out if you’re thinking about trying a Lulu tank with a built-in bra. The new ones are made out of Luon *light,* which, in my opinion is not as good as the original Luon Scoop Neck tanks, so if you can find one in your size on eBay, you might want to buy that one instead of paying $58 for a new one. Be sure to ask the seller about pilling/ wash wear as these are made of Luon, and it doesn’t change its behaviour when it’s a shirt versus when it’s a pair of pants.

My Collection of Scoop Neck Tanks
My Collection of Scoop Neck Tanks

In case you’re curios; Top left- clockwise: Black micro stripe, Ikat/Concord, Plum, Elevation Space Dye/Smokey Rose, Dewberry, Lilac/Lilac Space Dye, April WAFS, Pink Mist Space Dye, Magnum Space Dye

Since this blog is primarily about selling, I’ll let you know that these don’t hold their value very well except if they’re a highly sought after colour like Teal Zeal Space Dye or April We Are From Space (pictured above). They usually sell for about $30, or half their retail value. It depends on condition, but I’m reluctant to buy second-hand ones due to pilling and wash wear in the Luon. I take chances though, sometimes it works out (Plum) and sometimes it doesn’t (Ikat). The Ikat one is fairly wash-worn. I kind of still love it though. And all things Ikat.

FIT: I’ll also mention that these are true to size, but fitted throughout. Some people with larger chests find that the straps tug at their neck.

Do you love Scoop Neck tanks too? Or do you love a different Lulu tank? Let me know in the comments below!


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