The New Shopping Tote being offered by Lululemon

I’ve seen a couple of blogs address the new shopping tote offered by Lululemon. In my opinion, it’s just another example of Lululemon pushing the envelope, like they always do. I don’t think it goes too far, even though the bag features text created using images of, among other things: tobacco, alcohol, sugary treats, drugs needles, condoms, playing cards, and marijuana cigarettes. Below are two pictures of the bag.

Photo 2 of Bag Picture of Brahmacharya Bag

Allow me to transcribe here what is written on the side, because I’m unsure if it is clear from the photo. The front of the bag, obviously says “Brahmacharya.” The side of the bag says the same & offers the following definition: (moderation, non-excess) This yama, or yogic philosophy, teaches us to recognize that moment of “just enough” so we don’t move past it into uncomfortable excess. Maybe it’s pushing away the plate of french fries or using our pent-up energy for a run. By focusing inward, we keep our bodies healthy & energetic. (And hey, there are some things we’re better off avoiding altogether.) Where in your life could you practice moderation?

There is a message here to take into consideration about moderation, however, the only thing I think I may need to moderate is my Lululemon consumption. Do you think they’re trying to tell me something?

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