My Collection of The New Ziggy

Every so often, Lululemon releases a fabric print called “Ziggy Wee.” I completely missed out last time, somehow. So this year, I feel like I must have some form of all Ziggy in my closet. So far, I believe I’ve managed to grab something in every Ziggy color. Here’s a photo I took of my Ziggy family.

Left to right, TOP: Ziggy Wee Angel Wing CRB, Ziggy Wee August Inkwell CRB, Ziggy Wee August Raspberry Glo/ Plum CRB, BOTTOM: Ziggy Wee Plum WUPs, Ziggy Wee October Inkwell WUPs
Left to right, TOP: Ziggy Wee Angel Wing CRB, Ziggy Wee August Inkwell CRB, Ziggy Wee August Raspberry Glo/ Plum CRB, BOTTOM: Ziggy Wee Plum WUPs, Ziggy Wee October Inkwell WUPs

Since this blog is primarily about selling Lululemon, I have found that the Ziggy print holds its value quite well, and the most popular item to be released in this print in my opinion was the XL (Extra Long) CRB, I never see one sell for less than $50 on eBay. I think that’s pretty good, since they retailed for $48. One of the many reasons I love Lululemon is that it seems you almost always get your money back when you invest. I’ve never seen the Ziggy Wee Caspian Wunder Unders for sale anywhere, but I have seen the Ziggy Wee Flare (released in the same time period, July/Aug 2012) sell for between $70 and up to $130 (for NWTs). My favorite thing about the Ziggy print is the feel of the fabric. It gorgeous, and particularly remarkable in the CRBs. I say that because if you own Herringbone or Pique WUs, the fabric of the Ziggy’s is less impressive than that. Especially those Piques… I could live in those.

Anyways, Here’s one more picture, closer-up, with slightly different lighting.

Close up/ Different Light.


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8 thoughts on “My Collection of The New Ziggy”

  1. I’m new to the ziggy pattern, but I love the feel of the fabric! I bought the Scoop Neck tank in ziggy wee september black and the fabric is just wonderful. I’m considering getting the WUP in the angel wing/soot or the black ziggy, but does the fabric pill easily?


    1. Hi! Thank you for your question! I have worn my Ziggy WUPs many times as I’m currently in love with the pattern. I don’t find that they pill easily, though I will admit that there is minor pilling between the thighs, as mine do touch. But they don’t pill as easily, as my Herringbone ones. I would definitely buy these again, based on my assessment of the quality & amount of wear I see on the two pairs I own. Also, there were no reports of sheerness. In answer to your second question, none of my Wunder Unders have ever “bagged out” (stretched) at the knees. The Luon fabric tends to maintain its shape regardless of the number of wears it receives, with the exception of some bands of some bra styles, or so I have heard, having never experienced it myself.

      I hope this helps!

      Thanks again for your question!


  2. Thanks for the feedback! Unfortunately, the ziggy wee WUPs in black and angel wing/soot light were too sheer. The ziggy black fabric of the WUPs was thinner than the same fabric in the scoop nexk tank, which I found really disappointing.


    1. I’m sorry to hear that they were sheer! I have the Inkwell & Plum ones and I’ve also tried the Plum/Raspberry Glo ones and I didn’t find any of those colors sheer. I also regret not trying a scoop neck tank in the Ziggy, but I guess I could still grab one in September Black online. However, I don’t really want to support the use of Luon *Light, as I prefer original Luon. Which is why I find it especially disconcerting that you found the Wunder Unders thinner than the tank! (The Scoop Necks are made from Luon Light, but the Wunder Unders are supposed to be made from regular Luon) Sorry it didn’t work out! I hope I can help you in the future, and thanks for letting me know about the sheerness in the September Black & the Angel Wing/ Soot Light!


  3. Hi! What colours do you wear your ziggy wee plum WUPs with? The crops are on sale, and I’m tempted to get them, but I haven’t a clue what to wear with them aside from neutrals!


    1. I absolutely love the colour Plum. So, I wear plum head to toe. But, I understand why someone else might not be so into that. I think neutrals are a great go-to, but I think Raspberry Glo & Inkwell go well with the Ziggy Wee Plum print. So, I also wear a No Limits tank I have that is black with a Raspberry Glo built-in-bra, and I also wear Inkwell tops with them. Hope that helps!


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