How To Determine the Value of Your Item- Part 1

Determining the selling price of your item can be difficult. There are many factors to consider. When I sell, I always want to make sure I’m getting the best price possible, but time is sometimes a factor and I want to sell quickly. For now, let’s assume time is not a factor and that you have a few things sitting in your closet that you want to sell over the next few weeks. There are a few different approaches you can take, depending on your item. The very first thing I do, if I know nothing about an item is use the ADVANCED SEARCH application on eBay. If you know the name and colour of your item or how to find out what it is, which I discussed at length in my Last Post, then you can find out how much your item is worth, in most cases.

Using the all-knowing eBay Advanced Search Tool you can write key words like “Lululemon No Limits tank Pig Pink” and select “sold listings.” Then you can see what that item has sold for recently. This can be a starting point. When I list my items I don’t choose the highest selling price for an item, I try to average it out. You must also consider the condition of your item versus the condition of the items you’re seeing. If yours is NWT, maybe it is worth the highest selling price. You have to use your discretion when listing your item. You don’t want to under sell it but OVER Pricing your items, will not earn you any good will. Trust me it goes a long way.

I sincerely hope that the above helped you find at least one completed listing of your item. Sometimes that doesn’t work because there have been none of the exact same item as you have that have sold in the last  3 months. In this case you can input your search into Google and see if you can find any references to older eBay listings. You can also just use one of your search terms in the eBay advanced search tool like searching only “Lululemon NoLimits Tank” instead of getting color specific. This should get some results, then maybe you can find an average selling price that way. You can also search completed listings (not just Sold ones) to see what your item has been listed for in the past.

If you still can’t find a decent price you might want to try joining The Lululemon Report group on Facebook, most of the time the ladies there have helpful hints. Here is a Link, so you can Join the group! The Lululemon Report


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