More Strategies on How to Determine the Name and Colour of Your Item

Let’s say you have a shirt. It’s a few years old, but it’s still in good enough condition and you want to sell it because, well, you can. In a Previous Post I talked about Googling to see if you can spot your item in an image search. This strategy woks fairly well for newer items or popular items of items that are so unique that the terms work to find them. But let’s say you have something older and more basic with a few defining features, like a built-in bra and a ruffle on the side, but nothing that Lululemon hasn’t made ten versions of during the 15 years its been in business. You find lots of tank tops and lots of colours similar to yours, but not quite right and as you go through the images further into the results, you start seeing pants and Lululemon Logos and things that really have nothing to do with your search. This can definitely be frustrating. When I first started archiving my collection using PINTEREST, (Your new Best Friend), I spent hours searching for specific types of Groove Pants that I had acquired over the years. More on Specific Styles and their value later. Now when I buy something new I “Pin” the picture and note the Style and Colour as well. Some people note how much they paid, or the retail value. I think if I did that I would probably wonder why I spent my future Condo money on pretty clothes, but I digress.

So, Google isn’t helping you this time. This is when I resort to one of the major Lululemon blogs. If you even know sort of when you bought your item, you should be able to find it, or a version of it on Carolyn’s Lululemon Blog or on Cristina’s Blog. Sometimes Joyce’s Blog has Lululemon on it. For Men’s items I recommend searching Eric’s Blog. To be honest, I am fairly unfamiliar with the resale value of Men’s Lululemon clothing items, but that much of my advice can be applied to it, just none of my expertise. (eg: search tips can be used the same way, but later when I talk about the value of certain colors and styles, know that it applies to the women’s apparel side of Lululemon only.)

All of the above blogs are excellent sources of information, and some of them are entertaining too 🙂

When I search the blogs I check from the earliest time I think I could have purchased the item and I go through the archives and look at every page. Let’s say a few pages in I see the color “heathered ultraviolet” and that looks like the same colour as my tank top. (Keep in mind that I could be wrong but it’s kind of a “throw it at the wall and see what sticks” approach.) So, I search: “Heathered ultraviolet” Lululemon, click “images” and scroll through. There it is! I see my tank top in an old eBay listing and there’s the name too! Perfect. Now I know the Style name and the Colour name of my item. Once I do that, I can go and figure out what it’s worth. More on that later 🙂



I just want to add a link to a fantastic resource. There’s a Facebook group that is devoted to specifically identifying various Lululemon items and if you can’t find something, you can always post a pic here and the ladies of the Lulu nation will help you figure it out.


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One thought on “More Strategies on How to Determine the Name and Colour of Your Item”

  1. I’m a member of the group and its my lulu ” dictionary” for sure!!
    Many times I’ve found what I’m looking for and I’ve helped many people sell their items by finding a name for them!! Kudos to the lulu gurus of A2Z❤️

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