Lululemon’s Making Moves Line


Hello everyone, I just wanted to say ‘hi!’ I’ve been really busy with class lately, but have found a few minutes to say hello to all of you and have some fun writing, instead of focusing on all the final assignments and papers I have to do. :-p

I took a peek at what Lulu’s got going on on their website this week and I have to be honest, it’s not my favorite. As much of a winner I think the “Make a Move” line is, I have to admit to not loving the “Making Moves” line.

First up, the Making Moves Singlet. So far offered in white, black and Regal Plum. It is UPF 50 fabric and does not have a shelf bra. However, it does seem to fall in that price range, at $68. This is cute, and I do like the side detail, but I don’t love the price.I’d rather get the Make a Move tank (with built-in bra) for the same price.


Next, the “Making Moves Jacket.” The back is OK. Sort of cute, even, if you like that ruched type of look, but the jacket looks a little short in the front. And it looks boxy and stiff on the model. You might want to try this one on in person before committing $128 to it.

The Making Moves line has also brought these Making Moves tights. I really like these and think that the details on the calves look perfect there. I don’t think they work on the tank nearly as well as they do on these tights. Here they are in Regal Plum. Super cute! I would get these on markdown! 🙂 (Retail is $118)


Another item from this line is the “Making Moves” short. I think the reflective details look cute here too, but I don’t love these shorts. I LOVE my Make A Move shorts, and judging by all the positive reviews, so does everyone else!

The Making Moves long sleeve has a triangular pleated detail on the back. In my opinion, the seam going straight down the front center makes this top look like it’s on backward. I would probably like this top if the seams were on the side. However, I think that the uniqueness of this top is potentially attractive to Lulu’s customer base, maybe it will even sell out.

Finally, here we have the Making Moves Bra. I actually really like this, it looks like it provides good support and I like that the reflective detail is on the back.

Sorry I can’t be as enthused as I normally am about Lulu’s new lines. I continue to be a fan of the Make A Move line, but some of these Making Moves offerings are just not my style. I’m curious as to what you think about the Making Moves line! Why don’t you let me know in the comments below? Do you love the Making Moves line? Do you share my love for the Make a Move shorts? I’d love to hear about it!

Thanks, as always, for reading!



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