200 Posts!

Hello everyone! Today, WordPress let me know that I wrote 200 posts. Wow. That’s a lot more than I had originally imagined when I began this fan-site blog. I’ve had a lot of luck and positive experiences plus, for whatever reason, people actually read what I write and I get a decent amount of traffic. Thank y’all for coming by & checking it out! Also: Thanks, Google!

So, in honor of my achievement, I’m going to write about my favorite posts & experiences garnered from this blog. Call this a “gratitude post.”

The posts I’m most proud of…

Honestly, I have to give this distinction to my Seller’s Series Posts. I JUST published this Page, as a compilation of  almost all the posts I’ve written that are related to selling. Is there anything missing in this series that you’d like to see?

The posts that receive the most traffic…

This is the easiest question to answer because WordPress is awesome and tells me!

The first is a post about How to Spot Fake Lululemon. It is exactly what it sounds like. This post is about how to distinguish, to the best of my experience and knowledge, fake versus authentic Lululemon. In that post there are several photos and tips about how to figure out if what you’re buying is real or fake.

The second post that receives the most traffic really surprised me until I looked around for alternatives. That post is about The Difference Between Paying as Gift and Goods on PayPal. Unfortunately, I don’t feel that PayPal does the best job of explaining exactly how this works, and I feel that my post gives a thorough explanation of exactly how you are protected by PayPal and when.

The reason I feel that PayPal doesn’t have the best explanation is because, if you search “difference between gift and goods on PayPal,” PayPal’s website comes up with explanations of the different types of payments, but the website doesn’t explain how or when you’re protected. For example, under gift, PayPal writes “Select this payment type when you’re sending money as a gift for a birthday or other special occasion.” What it fails to mention is that people are not protected when they use this payment.

The other available posts are community boards, which some people may find tedious to scroll through, so I think that my post, while it is “Lululemon-centric” is better at explaining how and when you’re protected and when you’re not.


The experiences I’m most happy about…

I love interacting with my audience, I wish I could ‘like’ when people ‘like’ my posts. Hahaha… I am glad that I tried Barre classes, even though I don’t love it. I was super stoked that I was interviewed by Racked, it made me feel like a real blogger -whatever that means. I suppose, to me it means that I was happy to receive validation for what I do. That someone reads my blog and that what I do has value, other than the value I place on it. I love doing favorites posts, and love that pieces I’ve ‘favorited’ over the years, I do continue to enjoy.

The happiest Lululemon news I received

Easily the return of the Define Jacket. I LOVE the Define Jacket. I refused to purchase the Forme Jacket (which replaced the Define, during its tenure), due to the distinct differences, particularly with regards to fit. I was so happy when Lululemon decided to bring it back! It’s feminine and flattering on everyone.

So, 200 posts later, I’m still here. I still LOVE to write (that’s not gonna change), and I still LOVE hearing from you! Please let me know your thoughts on this blog and if there’s anything I can do better!




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