What I Love Right Now

Hello everyone!

I’m trying to get back into the swing of things & I haven’t done one of these posts in quite some time, so here are a few things I’m loving right now!

First: It’s officially the beginning of Fall and that is exactly the point at which Lululemon rolls out their best stuff. Marketing research tells us that people buy things for themselves until mid-November, then they start buying for others. So, between now and mid-November Lululemon will make things for us, and after that we will probably see that “black, white and pink,” color palette that is generally quite bland and will take us through the January “return season.” Until then, if you like color in your life, Lululemon should continue to release bold colors and new products.

Vent It Out Crop

The first thing I want to talk about are these “Vent It Out” Crops. First, I absolutely love the color. It’s called “space dye twist ultra violet multi/naval blue,” and it’s gorgeous and flattering. Here are a couple of pics of me trying them on. I bunch the shirt up so that you can see how the waistband lays in the picture.

Hang Tag
Hang Tag
Side view
Side view
Front view
Front view

I like these because they remind me of my Beach Runner Crops in terms of feel, and they remind me of the Excel crops in terms of design and function. The main differences being that they’re not as thin as the Beach Runners, and not as tight around the knees as the Excels. I like the little criss-cross detail along the side. It’s difficult to see in the photo, and is certainly subtle in real life, as well, but it’s a nice touch. If I had one criticism, it would be that the back pocket is ‘zipperless,’ as they mention in the hang tag. I would not put anything in that pocket for fear that it would fall out, but since I rarely use those pockets it doesn’t really affect me.

Scuba Hoodie III *Terry

At first I was skeptical about these, but after trying one on in-store, I’m sold and I might seek these out in the future as a replacement for the cotton fleece of the traditional Scuba Hoodie. The biggest difference I noticed was the Terry one was stretchy, while I find that the fleece ones tend to be a little stiff- especially when you first get them. Does anyone else find that too? In addition, and this is why I think I’m interested in seeing these in my closet: they’re thinner. Living in the South brings a lot of mild weather, which can sometimes be cool, but is seldom unbearably cold. These Terry Scubas incorporate one of my favorite styles with a more wearable fabric. This pattern is gorgeous!

Diamond Jacquard Wunder Unders
It is the beginning of Fall and Lulu has released  some pretties for cold weather comfort. Enter diamond jacquard space dye black slate Wunder Under Pants. They’re gorgeous and soft, and warm and cozy… And they’re online and in-store right now!

The first photo shows a close up of the pattern. If you already have some pique Luon pants, you made not need these. They feel and look very similar.

What are you loving right now? Let me know!


Author: lululemonexpert

Blogger, Lululemon Enthusiast, Polyglot, Autodidact

3 thoughts on “What I Love Right Now”

  1. I’m so glad you’re back!!!!! I’ve been checking since July 🙂
    I also love the space dye twist ultra violet multi/naval blue, I’m waiting for the Speed tights IV to get to Canada and I would also love to get the one you tried, they look really good.
    Again, I’m glad you are back :):):)


    1. You’re so so kind! Thank you! How flattering! I will be restarting my Lulu Outfit of the Day if that interests you- I noticed I got most of my “likes” from those posts. Thanks for checking & I appreciate that you care! 🙂


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