Don’t Be A Unicorn Thief- UPDATE!

Today Lululemon changed their resale policy to reflect the values of their customers. I am very pleased to announce that they’ve included a clause that covers the very real issue of Unicorn thieves. Their resale policy does not affect people like you & I who sell our used Lulu so we can buy more, but it specifically targets those who buy and sell newly released products at a mark up. I am ecstatic that Lululemon has finally recognized that the resale value of their clothing affects their sales in general. And that protecting the small re-sellers, while punishing the large scale profiteers is in the best interest of both the company and the customer. I’m always prepared to spend more on Lululemon because I’m aware that if I lose weight or lose interest in an item, I can always resell it and replace it with a new pretty. Lululemon’s Frequently Asked Questions document has been updated thusly:


what is your position on the re-selling of product?

We do not support the re-sale of new product, especially if it is at an elevated price point. Sometimes re-sellers also include used product in their inventory, however our focus is on new product re-sales, especially items listed at an elevated price point.

Our position on re-selling is in response to guest feedback when they see well-loved product being bought out immediately, and re-sold at an elevated price point.  In addition, we always want to create the best experience for our guest, which includes educating them on the items they are purchasing to ensure they have the best product for their sweaty pursuit.  Bottom line, if it doesn’t come from us, we can’t educate, we don’t know the history of the garment, and we can’t guarantee its’ authenticity.”

So happy to see change moving in the right direction. Thanks Lululemon!


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4 thoughts on “Don’t Be A Unicorn Thief- UPDATE!”

  1. So happy to see this as well. It’s so frustrating when you miss out on a sold out item only to find it on eBay for so much more money. I always wonder if these people didn’t buy it all in the middle of the night to resell could it still have been avaialable to me when I woke up! So does this mean we are still safe to sell our excellent used condition stuff at a normal price? I love how lulu holds it’s value. It’s a huge reason I buy from them. I always know when I’m done with something I can get a lot of my money back and buy Something new.


    1. I think it’s very annoying when items sell out quickly and end up on eBay just hours later. I usually stay up on upload night so I don’t miss out on anything. 😉

      Yes, it does mean that we can sell our used items on eBay. I think a lot of people would rethink spending $100 on yoga pants if they didn’t think that they could resell them later.


  2. It’s good to know we can still sell our gently used items on Ebay. I do it once in a while just so I can turn around and buy more Lulu. But I am still seeing items being sold out before I even wake up at 5:00 A.M. on Tuesday (upload night). Do I really have to stay up until midnight? And inevitably these items are being sold on Ebay for TWICE as much saying “sold out” in their listing. And the same seller will have multiple sizes of the sold out item. So frustrating! Is there a way to report these sellers to Lulu? I even saw a seller last week selling around 100 Lululemon tags, no clothing just the tags and the buy it now price was $500!! I was curious as to why someone would want just the tags?


    1. Short answer: Yes, you really do have to stay up until midnight.
      Long Answer: If you want the next Unicorn, they usually sell out before dawn, at least in all the most popular sizes (6,4,8- in that order). Sorry 😦 I stay up every week, but in order to save money- I try not to give in to the hype & buy something just because every one else is- but it’s hard. I do keep an eye out for things that I love, like Space Dye WUCs, and I’ll buy those, because they’ll definitely sell out before the morning, but a lot of the new stuff, I prefer to wait & see if I like it in-store.

      Yes, they are selling on eBay for twice as much, and there’s very little Lululemon can do about it except figure out who they are and block them (their IP address) from buying online. You CAN contact Lululemon’s customer service to report these people and Lululemon will forward your complaint to their brand protection team.

      To your final question: No one wants just the tags. That listing is/ was ridiculous and people on the boards were laughing about it. Pretty hilarious if you ask me. I get why people will sell the FREE (read: FREEEEEEEE!) bags you get with your purchase (I use mine for groceries 🙂 ) but just the tags!? Makes zero sense to me. Sometimes, if I can find the tag, I’ll include it when I sell a used item, but I would never try to sell worthless pieces of cardboard for $500. But, more power to them, I guess.

      Thanks for your questions, and comments!


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