What I’m Loving Right Now

Hello everyone! I haven’t done one of these in a while, but I’m LOVING a lot of Lulu’s recent offerings!

If You're Lucky Long Sleeve

First off, I really appreciate the re-release of these “If You’re Lucky” Long Sleeves, since I know more than a few people who were stalking eBay for a reasonably priced one. Now that they’re back in stock, they don’t have to worry about that anymore!

Sculpt tanks! Can’t get enough of these! They’re so comfy & I love that hole in the back! These look especially good with “Free to Be *Wild” bras, but I don’t have many (2?) of those due to the fact that they’re “low” coverage, but they do look great together. Sculpt tanks shown here are in Sea Mist and Regal Plum.

Red Grape Make a Move bra

These Make a Move bras are great. Lots of coverage! But be careful, while some reviewers disagreed, other thought that the band was a little tight. I was TTS, but according to some reviews you might want to size up! This one here is in Red Grape.

Speed Crop

These Speed Crops are gorgeous. I would love to see them in-store, but have not as of yet. I hope the fabric is as nice as the Speed Tights! This color is called “Pretty Prism Multi.”

Make a Move Short in Red Grape

My opinion: the whole “Make a Move” line is a winner. Still loving these shorts I Tweeted about a few weeks ago. Here they are in Red Grape.

Wunder Under Crop Cyber Jungle

High Rise Wunder Under Crops in Cyber Jungle Hero Blue. I’m not alone in thinking these are gorgeous.

That’s all for now! Thanks for reading!











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