New Year’s Resolution Updates- Week 4

Weekly Update- Week 4

Hello everyone, this is week four of my New Year’s Resolution to lose weight. It’s not been an easy journey so far, but no one promised that losing weight would be easy! I have in total lost 3.2 pounds, which is 0.8 pounds below my goal. I’m reconsidering my calorie goals, going from 1500/ day to 1400/ day, but what I really think I need to do is establish a more consistent exercise routine. I gained back a little this week, but I’m not going to give up!


Snow day ruined gym plans, but I made it on Monday to see how it was and I did do some exercise on Tuesday. I definitely need to make it more often, but the free gym on campus (where I went) is always packed, so I find it very intimidating.

Day 22

SNOW DAY! So, this was great for my productivity. I got some school work done and I got some blogging done, but it wasn’t so great because I had planned to go check out the campus gym after class today. That did not work out. So, I’m going to go on Monday. I have a 3-hour break between two classes, so I should have time to go then! I went just over my calorie goal by a smidge, but not too much.

Day 23

Oh, Saturday, you’re out to get me! Just kidding. Went way over my calorie goal, but had a fabulous time at dinner with my husband then went to a comedy show at the local opera house. I think I ruined my entire week though. We’ll see how this goes.

Day 24

Woke up with a lot on my mind. I have way too much work to do. I had brunch with my mother in law anyways, and had a reasonable amount of calories. Spent most of the day afterwards working on school stuff. Ended up going over my calorie goal by 300. Ugh. 😦

Day 25

Busy day! Did end up going to check out the gym, but it was a lot like I would imagine that it would be. Crowded and busy. Although, the equipment seemed relatively well cared for. It turns out- I needed to bring my own lock and it hadn’t occurred to me that I might need one, so I didn’t end up working out. Ended up eating slightly below my calorie goal.

Day 26

I did end up working out today! Yay! Did 45 minutes of fairly intense cardio. Was under my calorie goal by about 200.

Day 27

Long day, but ate 400 calories below my calorie goal.

Day 28

Finally, a short day. Followed my diet today. Pretty pleased about the last few days.

Day 29

Had a special lunch today with my mentor that included other students and their mentors. I even won a gift certificate for a free brunch! Chinese class, then Chinese language table. At language table today we got to have jiao zi, which are dumplings. They were delicious. Exhausted by the time I got home and took a 3-hour nap! Ended up slightly below my calorie goal. But reconsidering my calorie goals due to weight gain.



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10 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolution Updates- Week 4”

  1. I have been working at an Eating Disorder Program as a therapist for the last 10 years. Our wonderful nutritionist always said It’s important not to restrict too much as this causes your body to hold calories and no one food makes you fat. All foods are acceptable in moderation. A few behavioral techniques go a long way- at restaurants cut the portions in half and if need be box them before eating. Try to keep meals regular and use health low calorie snack so one is never starving- this leads to overeating. Also, can use smaller plates to trick the eye into more reasonable portion size- remembering that a serving is about the size of the palm of your hand. Feel good about your efforts and be kind to yourself- look at every day as a new day not a failure to reach a calorie goal but an effort toward healthy eating.


    1. Hello! Thanks for your advice! It sounds like your nutritionist is talking about something I’ve heard about called “starvation mode.” I am currently following the calorie restrictions suggested by MyFitnessPal in order to lose one pound per week, which places me on a diet of 1500 calories per day. I believe that the minimum recommended amount for women is 1200 per day for weight loss. Thanks for your advice. Do you write a blog? I’d love to follow you!


      1. I know you were asking people if they were writing blogs so If ever you are interested, I’m starting a blog but it’s not related to Lululemon or loosing weight. I can let you know when it’s ready (of course if you are interested)! 🙂

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        1. Hey girl! Just wondering about whether your blog is live yet!? I haven’t had time to write lately due to school commitments but I am going through my feed when I have spare moments and I was wondering when I might see your blog coming up in there!


          1. It should be up soon! I’m working on a few posts that I should be adding soon! Thanks so much for asking! I had many problems just trying to have the right settings with the blog theme but I’m almost ready to go live. I will definitely let you know once it’s live! Good luck with school!

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            1. Thank you! I’m working on a Chinese history paper right now :-p And thanks for getting back to me! Themes can be kind of tricky! I changed mine a few times and it takes me a couple of hours to get it looking the way I want. I’m looking forward to seeing your blog & I am glad it’s coming along. 🙂


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