Base Runners, a review of fit, fabric content and function

Hello everyone,

A few of days ago I wrote a post about one of my favorite types of Lululemon Skirts, the Pleat to Street. A reader commented saying that she enjoyed posts about individual items (Thanks, Michele!), so I recalled a post that I had intended to write about Base Runners, and searched to see if I had written a draft at all, and unfortunately, although I had taken some photos of my Base Runners, I had yet to actually write this post. So, here it is, enjoy!

Base Runners

My opinion on Base Runners is as positive as my opinion on other items that I own & enjoy, however, this post will also encompass the opinions of the reviewers on My goal is to provide answers, to those purchasing these now or on eBay in a few months when they’re no longer on the Lululemon website.

I really love my Base Runners. They really are fabulous for wearing over shorts, or just for winter warmth in general. I’ve worn them during harsh Canadian winters and mild American winters alike. They’re comfy, cozy, soft and as described by Lululemon, have a “relaxed sensation.” I appreciate the little bit of reflectivity at the cuff as well as the deep pockets.

Quality Issues-

A reviewer has said that the waistband is rolling on her pair. I have not experienced this issue, but have heard that some people are/ do. This is something that I would concern myself with when making a purchase decision.

A few reviewers have complained about pilling. I haven’t experienced excessive pilling on any of my Base Runners- even the ones that are 3 years old. There are a few here or there, and there’s certainly some wear on them, but I take responsibility for that. The reason I feel that I have been able to keep my Lulus in the best possible condition is because I follow my own advice with regards to caring for them.

Some reviewers have complained that the newest versions are not holding up as well as the older versions. To be honest, I disagree, but in the interest of transparency, I will always do my best to talk about what the opinion is in aggregate- not just my own opinion. The reason I don’t believe that this is true is because the fabric content has largely remained the same, and admittedly anecdotally, I haven’t experienced increased pilling in my newest Base Runners as opposed to pairs I’ve owned from previous seasons.

Speaking of fabric content- I took photos of the fabric content of my Base Runners from previous seasons and from this season. As you can see, the fabric content has largely remained the same, with the exception of Elastane replacing the Spandex, which in my understanding is a very similar fabric.

Previous Season’s Tags
Previous Season’s Base Runners, in order of their tags as pictured above.
This season’s Base Runners’ tags
This season’s Base Runners in order of their tag’s appearance above.


Fit- I recommend sizing down, but if you’re a curvy girl like me, you might be more comfortable in your TTS. I wear these in my TTS- and frankly, I would be comfortable even if they were very loose on me (if, I lost weight or purchased a larger size) because they look like they can also be worn that way. So, if you’re checking these out on eBay, and they’re a size smaller, or your TTS, you’re in luck either way, as IMO, they’ll probably fit you just fine- although one will provide a slightly different (tighter or looser) look. Also: especially if you intend to wear these over shorts, you can go TTS (Or maybe even size up!). I wouldn’t want you to give up on a good deal on eBay if you spot a pair either a size up or a size down. Honestly, I’d probably give them a shot!

I hope this has been helpful! Thanks for stopping by!






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14 thoughts on “Base Runners, a review of fit, fabric content and function”

  1. Great post, very helpful! So sweet of you to mention me 🙂
    I actually haven’t bought any Base runner pants yet, but when I saw the Black grape pants I was very tempted. Now, I might give them a try. I know people really love these pants.
    Thanks for your review!
    Happy Holidays to you and your family!

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  2. Hey! First, I enjoy this post and I really like the individual reviews. Helps me decided what to splurge on 😉
    Second – I was wondering if you’d be willing to help me identify a few pieces I have? I had seen in the past you’ve helped others find the name/colour/style of their pieces, and since you are the lulu expert and I all i figured you’d be my only hope lol.
    I posted the items I am unsure about here, thank you so so so much in advance for your help, and keep up the amazing blog 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

                1. I actually wrote a post on how to find things, LOL. I pretty much just follow my own advice. Although, it can be tedious at times. I’l leave the post(s) here, if you’re interested. In the mean time, let me see if I can identify those pants!

                  Here’s a post that has a basic strategy on how to find out what you have, my basic strategy is detailed after the word: “Name”

                  Here’s an update, and MORE strategies on how to figure out what your item is:

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