The Body Shop Soap on a Rope Review

Hello everyone!

As many of you may be aware, since last August I’ve been a Beauty Influencer with The Body Shop, which basically means that they send me free stuff in exchange for my thoughts and reviews on the items they send to me.

This month they sent me Soap on a Rope. It came in some fairly provocative packaging.


And it looks like this:


(Full disclosure: I had already used the soap once when this photo was taken.)

It is hemp-based soap, which explains the shape of it and the smell. It smells exactly like their Hemp Hand Protector, which I tend to recommend to men looking for a masculine hand moisturizer that is very effective.

I would say that this soap is very moisturizing but I don’t love the smell and the marketing is a little risqué in my opinion. However, I am not going to consider the marketing in my review and I would give the product a 3 star rating over all. I love that it is moisturizing but the smell isn’t amazing or feminine at all, so this product is not for me. I love pretty, sweet or perfumed scents in the shower as opposed to this scent. So, while I would rank this high on efficacy and moisture provision, I would rank it rather low on scent. I will switch back to the Cranberry scented Shower gel I was sent by The Body Shop last year and leave this masculine scented soap for my husband to use, since he likes it. He says that it is quote, ‘very lather-y’ and that the smell was not as strong as he expected.


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