New Race With Grace (II) Pullover Fit Review.

Hello Everyone!

I just wanted to take a minute to give a fit report on the new Race With Grace pullovers that were released this week. I went in-store recently to try one on, and I thought it would be good to tell y’all what to expect.

I really love the way last year’s fit, as I wrote a blog post about them. A note about that blog post is that it is currently being plagiarized on a site selling fake Lululemon which of course, if you’ve read my post “Time To Talk About Fakes” you’ll know how against fakes I am and that I am not affiliated with that “company.”

I feel that the fit was the same as the old one, except that they removed the kangaroo pocket, which I feel helps conceal tummy-trouble spots. I may still buy one, but only if they make a darker color.

This one is pretty though!



Author: lululemonexpert

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