Friends And Family Events at Lululemon Locations Everywhere!

First things first, I’m probably exaggerating when I say everywhere. BUT at my local Lululemon and at many others across North America & abroad, once a year, around the holidays, they host a Friends & Family Event. I was really excited at first because I heard that it was 30% off all items. Unfortunately, it was only 30% off sale items AND it was only select sale items. There were a few racks in the front that were 30% off sale items and then a couple of racks in the back that were newer markdowns and not subject to further discount. I have to admit that I was a little disappointed. But, Lululemon very rarely has sales, so I guess I should have been less surprised.

If you’re interested, these sales occur after hours and invite is issued either via word of mouth or via the product notification emails that you can subscribe to. Here’s how: visit Lululemon’s Website, click “find a store.” Find your store, wherever you are. Let’s say, for example, you live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Search for Edmonton and the “Kingsway” store appears, with a few others on a map. The Kingsway page, linked there, has a bunch of links, one of which is “email sign-up.” Simply enter your email address & ‘submit.’ Congratulations! You are now subscribed to Lululemon’s product notifications & local events emails!

On top of being invited to local events like Friends and Family, free yoga, running clubs, barre method etc… You’ll also receive local store Product Notifications. Local Store Product notifications let you know when and what new products are arriving at your local store!

Happy Shopping!


Author: lululemonexpert

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One thought on “Friends And Family Events at Lululemon Locations Everywhere!”

  1. We have no store in newfoundlad love lulu mother of three love getting items for a great sale price any help in ordering other than we made too much would be great


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