This Blog Lately

Hello Everyone!

I’m just writing a sort of update post about my blog. This blog has evolved and sometimes made great changes a sways with regards to content at times, always with two goals in mind. One, my insatiable, and at times selfish desire to write. I love writing, it brings me great joy and I’m unlikely to ever quit my oeuvre of choice. My second goal has always been to provide my readers with tangible, accurate and honest opinions and facts about Lululemon, or more recently, beauty, products I’ve tried. Whether I’ve loved or loathed them, I’ve always been honest and thorough. As this blog continues to evolve, I hope you’ll join me by following this blog.

I do want to take the time here to express my sincere appreciation for those of you who are subscribed via email or Bloglovin or WordPress or what have you and read my blog or like and share it. I can hardly believe how many people from so many countries have read my blog and I am humbled by this fact. I so appreciate knowing that someone is enjoying and perhaps learning from what I do.

As this blog continues to take the shape, I hope that you will continue to follow the evolution and that the transitional product is something you can continue to support and enjoy.

PS: I’ve become enamored with the idea of starting another challenge! I will keep you updated!! And I would love to hear some suggestions!


This Blog & The Future…

Hello everyone! I was just thinking about y’all & what I’m going to be writing about in the future. I still LOVE Lululemon and will still be writing about it, but I think I’ll stick to what I know best (market, buying & selling and key pieces/ collections), and let the others cover the uploads. I’m just not as passionate about covering the uploads, as I thought I would be. I think I’ll still do some posts under my “What I’m Loving Right Now” category, but I won’t be covering any uploads, as they are traditionally covered. I might choose to cover a We Made Too Much Upload, if its especially good though, just because no one else does and, like I have said before, people do inquire as to whether something went to markdown or not, and also as to how much it cost on markdown. I will mention here that in addition to Lulu Addict and Lulumum, I have been enjoying the coverage of uploads as portrayed by Agent Athletica. As such, I have found that my coverage, though it does result in more views, has been largely redundant. Furthermore, I have difficulty expressing my opinions on clothes, as I feel that they are a matter of taste and I don’t wish to offend anyone. So, in the past, I have often neglected to express my opinion on things that I disliked in the interest of political correctness. This is in direct opposition to my personal values and one of the many reasons why I write at all. I have strong opinions and enjoy having the platform to voice them. Whether it is regarding my strong distaste for fakes, or a rather strong position in favor of Lululemon’s decisions, I have expressed my opinions rather freely on this blog, yet haven’t felt the freedom to do so when covering Uploads. I guess it’s because I regard fashion as art and what I find pleasing or treacherous is a matter of opinion based solely on my own, personal bias. Art is sacred in a way, and I tend to avoid being critical unless I have a vested personal interest, or enough experience and understanding to know what is good and what is bad. For example, I consider myself to have a fairly adept recognition of good or poor writing, which is why I have no problem writing a book review, no matter how scathing. However, I have not studied fashion, nor do I follow trends as closely as perhaps I should. Therefore I question my own opinions, resulting in an absence of many of them in my “Upload” posts. In any case, if you’ve made it this far, thanks for reading 🙂 I hope to continue to write about Lululemon, Beauty, Fitness and whatever else comes across my path.