Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide 2015

Hello everyone!

So, today I’m going to share with you some of my ideas for unique, or at least awesome, last minute holiday gifts! (For ladies)

1. Henri Bendel bags

These are literally gorgeous bags that are not too pricey (read: Louis V), but definitely in the “mini luxury” range ($200-$300). A great gift for a woman who wants to stand out from the crowd, Henri Bendel bags are able to retain a stylish, yet timeless look, all the while, the lesser-known brand lends them cache. In 5 years, everyone will be carrying these bags, but for now, I regard carrying them as starting the trend instead of following it.

Of note: I’ve written a couple of posts about Victoria’s Secret, and La Senza and the parent company (L Brands) that owns them also owns Henri Bendel. I’m not affiliated with any of these companies, but I do find it interesting that I would organically (it was through a social media post) discover Henri Bendel without knowing that their parent company was L Brands until a while later.

Starbucks Cups

This year they’ve released a most adorable series of cups! Here is a picture I took of a display at my local Starbucks.

I absolutely love this one! It says “Best Day Ever” on it! And it’s so cute! I picked one up for myself! Look, it matches my nails!

This Kate Spade Bangle

Made in Rwanda, these bangles are a (marginally) affordable ($98) way to grab a socially responsible piece of that Kate Spade cache. I love her handbags, but they’re a little out of my price range. It would be nice to pick up something like this.


TooFaced StarDust Palette by Vegas Nay

Stardust Vegas Nay Palette

A good part of me wants to recommend to you that you buy the new “Bon Bons” palette. It’s got a lot of hype going on around it right now, the packaging is adorable- and there’s a shade called “Totally Fetch.” However, the jury is not out on that palette as of yet- and I’ve heard a (YouTube) review that the shadows can get a little muddy over the course of the day. There are, however, several great reviews of the palette too- so, I’m not saying don’t get it-I’m just saying that I’m going to wait 😉

That said: I’m going to recommend a still somewhat newly released- and personal favorite of mine: The StarDust. It also received high accolades from famous YouTuber: Makeup Geek! It didn’t win in her 2015 Holiday Palette “Smackdown!” (Kat Von D did), but Vegas Nay’s palette gets great accolades from her. Fast forward to 11:45 for the review.

Anyways, these are just a couple of ideas I wanted to throw out there for people and I actually really like writing gift guides.

Thanks for reading!

And to those who follow my blog: Yes(!) I have been writing a ton lately! It’s because I’m off school! I actually do love writing, and I intend to write a lot more before next semester begins! I’m planning to spend this afternoon writing too 🙂





Author: lululemonexpert

Blogger, Lululemon Enthusiast, Polyglot, Autodidact

5 thoughts on “Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide 2015”

  1. I love the variety of your posts! I can’t believe I missed your post on your Pleat to street skirt! I love reviews on Lululemon specific pieces! (Hey, that’s just me 🙂 ). Great job!


    1. Thanks, girl. Sometimes I worry that the variety of my posts will cause me to lose my audience, and I’m actually pretty sure a lot of SEO experts would tell me to “focus” more and start a new blog when I want to talk about things that aren’t related to Lululemon, but this blog is not about “getting views,” or making money. It’s about what it’s always been about. My love of writing and (hopefully!) helping people. Thanks for your support and for always commenting. These dialogues help me figure out what I want to write about and who I’m writing for.


      1. I can imagine how difficult it is to keep a blog. I hope you won’t loose your audience by writing about something other than Lululemon. I personally love Lululemon and love reading about it, or seeing different outfits but the quality of your other posts makes it very interesting to read about them.


        1. Thank you! It’s funny- while I don’t necessarily follow the advice of those who would tell me to “stay focused,” I do follow their other advice which is: make sure your content is good. I’d rather post one good post than 10 content-lite posts. I’m glad you noticed 🙂


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