UPLOAD Commentary

Hello everyone!

This week was a GREAT one for upload. I just had to comment. Let me know what you think too!

Base Runner Pant III

These are incredibly soft, so comfortable and great for winter, in my experience. These are the newest incarnation of the Base Runner pants, and I can only hope that I will be as satisfied with them as I have been in the past. Here they are in heathered dark fuel/ menthol, and heathered bordeaux drama/ bon bon.

Base Runners Fuel Green Base Runners Fuel Green 2

heathered bordeaux drama bon bon base runner

This is the bottom, pictured to show the reflective detail and the other colour option, Heathered Bordeaux Drama
This is the bottom, pictured to show the reflective detail.

Personally, I prefer the heathered bordeaux drama, but the Fuel green are gorgeous too! Which ones do you like? Or get? Not a fan of these colors & just get the black ones? Let me know!

Fleecy Keen III

This jacket has been popular for a long while and people have been really excited to see its return.

I thought it would be a good idea to post its many features:

  • Fleece fabric is super soft and lightweight
  • quilted Glyde fabric helps protect against light wind and rain
  • zip on the removable hooded dickie and cinch the drawstrings to hold onto heat
  • reflective details help keep you visible in low light
  • unzip the vents on the arm and shoulder for a little extra airflow
  • thumbholes and Cuffins™ sleeves help keep your hands warm
  • imported
Fuel Green Fleecy Keen
Fuel Green Fleecy Keen
Fuel Green Fleecy Keen Reflective Details
Fuel Green Fleecy Keen, in the dark, to show reflective details
Wine Berry Fleecy Keen
Wine Berry Fleecy Keen back view
Wine Berry Fleecy Keen Detail
Fleecy Keens have a zip-out liner feature.




























Run: Inspire Crop II *All


LOVE these. I have the Wunder Under Crops in this pattern, so I don’t need them, but if you like this pattern, these are a great option.

Inspire Crops Sapphire Space Dye
space dye twist sapphire blue multi/naval blue

Sapphire Inspire Crops

Kanto Catch Me Short

These shorts aren’t getting a lot of buzz on the boards, but the Ultra Swift/ Luxtreme combination is likely to be very comfortable- and I predict that they will sell well. Here are the specs:

  • Swift Ultra fabric is four-way stretch and sweat-wicking
  • Luxtreme® fabric waistband is sweat-wicking
  • added LYCRA®Â fibre for great shape retention
  • our signature three-pocket waistband has room for your essentials
  • reflective details help you shine bright in low light
  • relaxed sensation
  • imported

I’m curious about these and hope they show up at my store.

Kanto Catch Me Short 2
painted animal sprinkler black/black
Kanto Catch Me Short
butterfly texture black white/forage teal

UPDATE: I bought these shorts and they do not fit like I thought they would. I thought they had a liner but they don’t. If you’re a curvy girl like me, you might want to reconsider getting them- or maybe size up.

Throw Back Scrunchie

mountain peaks bon bon bordeaux drama
mountain peaks bon bon bordeaux drama
painted animal sprinkler black
painted animal sprinkler black
butterfly texture black white
butterfly texture black white

Now, when I tell you that people hate this, it’s not a complete picture. They don’t hate scrunchies, or this scrunchie in particular. What they hate is the price. $12. “A $12 Scrunchie!?” If you’re like me, though, what you don’t see is a scrunchie, what you see is a relatively inexpensive way to own a piece of the Lululemon brand. Over the holidays (which is what every retailer in the country is gearing up for right now), many parents go into Lululemon stores across the country and buy things for their teenage daughters, who want a piece of the Lululemon cache. I’ve seen many parents go in, and instead of pants, they buy their teenagers a headband. They’re a great stocking stuffer, and not as pricey as a pair of pants. I know, I know, what about Ivivva? Ask a teenager whether or not they think Ivivva is cool. Half the answers will be either ‘no,’ or ‘that’s what my little sister and her friends wear,’ and the other half will be ‘what’s ivivva?’ Ivivva is not a well-known brand. That matters. Lululemon was ranked 29th last year in terms of brand value– Ivivva was not on the list.

So, this upload, in addition to these cute scrunchies, they’ve uploaded several new headbands and new colors of the headbands that were already online and I am sure, that many of these will sell well. Personally, I’m on a boycott until they bring back the Bang Buster.

What do you think about the scrunchie? Did you buy one?


Author: lululemonexpert

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5 thoughts on “UPLOAD Commentary”

  1. I’m actually so happy that they came out with hair elastic even if it’s a scrunchie! I hope they are of good quality! I love those Run Inspire crop! I hope this pattern will make its way to the Pace rival and Speed tight! I am a big fan of the Run inspire crops but I bought a pair of Pace rival and I have to admit that I would choose the Pace Rival over the Run inspire crop just because of the side pocket which I love.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am 100% sure that they’ll be good quality. They came out with elastics 3 years ago and I still have all of them. They’re just as good and I’m wearing one today. One thing I didn’t mention up in my post, is that Lululemon actually comes out with hair ties quite rarely. I’ll be excited when mine comes in the mail. I got the Bon Bon. I really like my Inspires a lot, but I will try a pair of Pace Rivals next time I’m at the store. Thanks for the recommendation!


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