The Body Shop’s Fuji Green Tea Body Butter and Scrub Review

Hello everyone! If you follow my blog you’ll know that The Body Shop sends me free stuff about once a month, and in exchange I write a quick review on their website. I also usually write an accompanying review on this blog. This time they sent me a couple of items from their Fuji Green Tea line.

Fuji Green Tea Body Butter


When I first got this in the mail, I was excited because I absolutely love The Body Shop’s Body Butters. They, along with the (original- not Fuji) Tea Tree line of products are the original reason why I fell in love with The Body Shop’s products. Once I opened it I was delighted with the smell. The first thing I thought was, “Ooooh! I hope this comes in a Body Spray!” Initially, when I saw “Green Tea” on the product I thought that it might be over-powering in the way that green tea can be at times. This is not. It’s a distinctly light scent and it’s very wearable. I’ve noticed that they are selling an Eau De Parfum, and I might have to pick that up, but I do hope that they release a body spray in the future. The Body Butter itself, is just as moisturizing, smooth and wonderful as the other body butters I fell in love with and I’m looking forward to picking up this one again once I run out of my travel sized one.

You can pick up this Body Butter here, retail is $21 (but you can probably find it on sale! 🙂 )

Fuji Green Tea Body Scrub, $24.


I always have to admit that when I’m sent full sized versions of products, I do tend to appreciate them more. Like the Body Butter, I really enjoyed the scent of this product, its fragrance filled my shower making it fun to use. I felt that it did a perfect job of exfoliating my legs, and that it left them fresh and clean-feeling. Personally, I tend to prefer sugar scrubs but if you like the ones with beads in them, this one will be perfect for you. My favorite scrub that I’ve tried from The Body Shop so far has been the Wild Argan Oil Body Scrub, which I purchased after having received the Wild Argan Oil Body Butter and Hair Oil from The Body Shop and really enjoying the scent and results. I would definitely recommend the hair oil now that I’ve been using it for a while, now that I think about that too.


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