The NEW Define Jacket FIT REVIEW and Fabric Content

I was so excited to see that my local store got in the new Define jackets! I’m happy to report that the new Define jackets fit the same as the ones I currently own. The color offerings, however, did not excite me into purchasing one. The colours being offered are Bordeaux Drama, Tri Geo Inkwell, and an almost white “Blush” color. I can not wear white. Invariably, I will spill some tea or cola on it, ruining it- and my whole day- all at the same time. I already have a Plum Dance Studio Jacket and I find that Bordeaux Drama and Plum are very similar, so, although I was tempted by the Bordeaux Drama Define Jacket, I do not need more Bordeaux Drama in my life. I really loved the fabric of the Bordeaux Drama Define jacket, and it is worth noting that the fabric in the Bordeaux Drama Define was considerably different than the Tri Geo Print one.

Here's the Fabric Content of the Bordeaux Drama Define Jacket
Here’s the Fabric Content of the Bordeaux Drama Define Jacket

This Bordeaux Drama Define label says “87% Supplex,” while the Tri Geo Print one said “82% Polyester” for the “Self” (main) portion. I could tell before I even looked at the tags, however, that the fabric content was different. The Bordeaux Drama one felt much softer, like the Luon to which I’m accustomed. Supplex (87% Nylon, 13% Spandex) is a fabric that is commonly used in athletic wear for its cottony feel, but high durability.

Define Jacket 2014 Hang Tag
Define Jacket 2014 Hang Tag

This year they’re priced at between $108 (Bordeaux and Blush) and $118 (Tri-Geo), which is upwards of a $20 price increase from the $98 they were two years ago when they were phased out. I LOVE all my define jackets (I have 4), and think that they’re totally worth it, but I could understand if some people were upset by this. Honestly, I find that Lululemon does this rather frequently, so as to surreptitiously increase the price, they’ll phase something out- only to have it re-appear later at a higher price point, or they change the design slightly, call it “Insert Product Name Here 2” so that people feel as though they’re getting a better value. (Example: “Wunder Under Crop”, “Wunder Under Crop II”) I understand the concepts behind consumer pricing models, and feel as though they’re maximizing their utility with the methods they employ, so I am not about to complain. The company itself is able to sell 95% of its merchandise at full-price, unlike other companies, so it’s clear to me that their pricing methodology is working.

Tri Geo Print Define
Tri Geo Print Define



I really hope that this helps you when you’re choosing what to get this evening when the new Define Jackets upload! Let me know what you think about the price increase, and the fit if you’ve had a chance to try them on.

PS: If you want to know more about the differences between the Define Jacket and the Forme jacket click here!

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7 thoughts on “The NEW Define Jacket FIT REVIEW and Fabric Content”

    1. I’m sorry, I went to my store yesterday and they didn’t have them in yet. I’ll probably go back on Friday and I will post back here if they have them in-store. But if not, then I won’t. Sorry I can’t be more helpful. I would check the Facebook groups for more info. They’re full of helpful ladies. I believe I have all the groups listed on my “How to Enter the Lululemon Market” post, or, you can always search Facebook for “Lulu” and let them fill in the rest for you! 🙂 The Lulu Chat and Lulu TJI are probably my favorites for fit info.


      1. Hey there! I went back to my store and they had them and I found the fit a little tighter than the other colors! But in my opinion, not enough for me to want to size up. I hope this helps you a little! If you’re in between sizes you might want to size up, but if you’re a true to size girl, your size should fit, albeit a little tighter.


  1. Hi, and merry Christmas! I got a Define jacket in Dramatic Static White Black for Christmas, but it was too small (size 4). The color has been discontinued so I think I might get the herringbone one in a 6. While looking at the website for the color/fit, I noticed in a few reviews that people claimed their jackets pilled. I’ve never owned any lululemon before. In your experience, have you dealt with pilling on the define jackets? If so can I prevent it?

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    1. Hello! And a Merry Christmas to you as well! I haven’t experienced and excessive pilling on any of my Define jackets, BUT I think it does matter how you care for them. I wrote a post called “How to Prevent Pilling on your Lululemon Pants” and if you Google those exact words, it’s the first post. It applies to all Lululemon (particularly Luon) items, and those are the tips I use to keep my Define jackets pill-free. I hope that this helps! Let me know if I can help you with anything else!


      1. Thank you! I noticed in that article that you mentioned the houndstooth pants pilling up more. Do you think this is true of the jackets as well?


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