Invigorate 7/8 Tight & Fast And Free Tight Fit Review

Hello Friends!

Thanks for stopping by! I am so glad I found time to get into the Lululemon store this weekend! I did really want to try out the new Invigorate Tights, since I heard that they are replacing the Inspire Tights. I prefer the Inspire Crops to the Inspire Tights, but will still miss them if they’re phased out forever.

I found the compression of these to be very similar to the Inspire Tights, and the fit was similar too. Definitely true to size, in my opinion. I enjoyed the fit, but didn’t love them- so they stayed at the store. I also didn’t love the print- Daisy Dust Alpine White Black/ Black- but I am curious as to whether my store will receive the Deep Rouge or not. Very  pretty color, that Deep Rouge. As always, quality matters, and fabric is an indicator of quality. That said, the black ones I tried on were 77% Nylon/ 23% Lycra. The printed ones I tried on were 69% Nylon and 31% Lycra, and were lined in white, for those of us who like to be aware of these things.

Next, I tried the Fast And Free Tight. These are amazing. You might be able to size down, I stayed true to size. The main thing I loved about these was that they were incredibly comfortable. The fabric was so soft and light, but I didn’t feel that they showed my flaws the way other non-compressive legging do. They are the “Naked Sensation” and definitely have that ‘barely there’ feeling with only light compression. Of course, they are a forgiving black, perhaps another color may have been less forgiving. These boast 83% Nylon and 17% Lycra. Main drawback, and one of the things that made me leave them in the store: they retail at $128. I may reconsider on markdown, or if they come out in another color.

I found another picture of these! 

The girl in the back is also wearing the Invigorate Tights! She looks amazing in them!


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