Lululemon Runsie: Fit Review

I’ve been seeing a lot of reviews lately, and some of the scathing variety regarding this romper. I was ultra curious, so even though my “local” store is fairly far away, I decided to take the time to go out there and try this thing on. In my Upload post, I wrote that this looked comfortable, so that encouraged me even more. I love comfy work out clothes!

My first impression was when it was on the hanger- they had them facing forward. They’re unimpressive, but at least you get to see the shape. They’re a little boxy looking. Also: when it was still on the hanger and I touched it, I could tell that the fabric wasn’t going to be for me- I mean, yes, it was going to be light and airy, but I was also concerned that it might ride up.

But I tried it on anyways, of course. I tried one in black and one in the Flowabunga print, and I think this outfit looks better in general if it’s a little looser. My hips filled out the bottom, but it hung lifelessly around my chest, – honestly, this thing didn’t do anything for my feminine shape. First, the waistline is too low- there’s a drawstring, and it sits at the hip bones, so, it doesn’t really accentuate anything. I was one, long rectangle from head to toe. It was rather unfortunate looking on me.

I was also worried about the straps- they’re adjustable, but they seemed to get twisted easily, plus I had some difficulty adjusting them. The only “design” part I liked was the open back. That was pleasant.

Final assessment:

Pros: Flowy, light, open back, feels comfortable, comes in black.

Cons: May ride up, straps finicky, waistline set too low, drawstring draws nothing in, boxy-rectangular shape, comes in Flowabunga.

I guess this one is not for me- but I’ve seen tons of pictures where it looks nice on other people, so I guess it works in some cases.

I’m a little on the fence on this one, because of all the great pics I’ve seen of other people wearing it. What do y’all think? I’d love to hear some opinions on this one.

PS: I’ll be surprised if this doesn’t go to markdown. So, if you’re on the fence- and you can wait- I might chance it 🙂


I went in-store & found both colours on mark down  in a couple of sizes. The Runsie DID sell out online after all, and I suspect that it was partially due to all the media attention it received for being different. Runner’s World did such a cute video on it and I think that might have helped also.

Here it was, at my local store, marked down from $98 to $79.
Here it was, at my local store, marked down from $98 to $79.

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