Lululemon OOTYesterday

I was crazy busy yesterday, as I have been recently, due to the impending ending of the semester (also: holidays), so I’m posting this this morning.

In honor of Black Friday, I wore a shirt I got at Macy’s that says “Shopping is my cardio.” Love it! I believe they’re on clearance now, if there are any left in stock, they’re pretty adorable and you should have them. They all have cute quotes on them.

The skirt is a Pleat To Street skirt in Pigment Blue.

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Lululemon OOTD #78

Hello everyone!

Like I said in my last post, these last few weeks of school get super crazy and I have about a million things to do, so I haven’t been posting as often. However, I am working on a few posts that are content heavy in the interim and hope you like them when they get posted later.

Anyways, here’s what I wore today:

My Fluffin Awesome Vest in camo, which I’m really liking, but the reviews online are mixed. I agree with them, in part, it is not the warmest vest in the world- but I still really like it!!! Up top, you’ll notice a herringbone vinyasa scarf, and layered under my vest is a black Rest Less long sleeve. I was so happy to see the return of these this year. Hopefully Lulu comes out with more colors, my husband purchased this one for me for Christmas last year. And finally, I’m wearing Alberta Lake herringbone WUPs. 

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Lululemon Outfit of the Day #77

Hello everyone!

Today I’m wearing a Deep Zinfandel Gratitude Wrap & a pair of heathered black Base Runners.

Do you guys think that they’ll bring back one of the wraps this year? I haven’t heard anything, but I would love to see a new method wrap.

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Lululemon Outfit of the Day #76

It’s been a few days since I’ve posted, and this trend is likely to continue as exams and final projects loom in the near future. But, I will continue to try to post, it just isn’t likely to be every day. Thanks to all of you who follow this blog, even when the posts get sparse around exam time!

Here I am wearing the Drop It Like It’s Hot tank in Butterfly Texture/ black, and Inspire Tights in Dashing Purple. I really like this tank, and highly recommend picking one up before they completely leave the website. They’re sold out in a lot of sizes.

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Lululemon Outfit #75

Pulled out the Gratitude Wrap in Deep Zinfandel, and some WUPs in Camo

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Lululemon OOTD #74

Bhakti Yoga Jacket in Pique black, and Fast Track shorts in black.

Lululemon OOTD #73

Define jacket in Alberta Lake Rose Herringbone. NLT in Surge, poking out underneath, and Fuel Green Base Runners. 


Lululemon OOTD #72

Hello! Today, I have two outfits to share, since I wore one to class, and then made it out to the gym later in the day. 


Today’s outfit was a Rose Herringbone Black Define Jacket, a Heathered Medium Grey In The Flow dress and Wunder Unders in white herringbone. 

It’s that time of year again, when its crazy chilly in the mornings but super warm in the afternoons. Layering has become key.

I went to the gym…

Yay me :-) 

Here I am in a Paris Pink Pure Balance jacket with some Vent it out crops in space dye twist ultra violet multi/naval blue.

Turn Around Tights

Good Day, happy Internet people! 

Upload has brought us some goodies including the return of Turn Around Tights! These are a friend of mine’s favorite pants. Last winter we had class together and she was always sporting one pair or another. She had some Limitless Blue and Heathered Black ones. Gorgeous and so soft. Who doesn’t love Rulu? Well, you know, as long as the quality is there… LOL. 

Anyways, these are in-store now!

And they uploaded this evening too! Here’s a close up of the fabric: 

heathered herringbone heathered black white

They also come in Heathered black, and Heathered Bordeaux Drama



What is your favorite winter running pant? Do you like the Turn Around Tights? Let me know! 

Lululemon OOTD: #71

Ziggy Wee Raspberry Glo / Bordeaux Drama CRB, Heathered Bordeaux Drama Base Runners

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PS: check out my Halloween nails! 



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