Lululemon OOTD #61 &62!

Hello everyone!

I totally forgot to post yesterday’s outfit! BUT: I did take a picture! So here are yesterday’s AND today’s OOTD! 

Yesterday’s NLT (No Limits Tank) in Not So Petit Fleur Silver Spoon & DSPs (Dance Studio Pants) in Fatigue Green (I believe).

Today’s outfit included a Define Jacket in Royalty Space Dye, a black Back on Track tank and a Pleat To Street Skirt in Pigment Blue. The bag is a Fast in Flight in Lolo. 


Lululemon OOTD #60

Gym selfie! Pique Vinyasa, Herringbone Inspire crops & my Rulu Heathered Black Grape Race Your Pace 1/2 Zip! Thanks for visiting!!


Lululemon Outfit of the Day- #59

Hello everyone- thanks for visiting. I’m addicted to these Stress Less Hoodies and want to spend my lazy Sunday wearing this one in Bordeaux Drama. I’m wearing my Diamond Dot Bordeaux Drama Wunder Unders and am pretty much one big Bodeaux Drama Blob today. But I love it! Enjoy. What are you wearing today? Link your outfits below?


Today’s Outfit #58

Hello Hello! Today I’m wearing  a Scuba Hoodie. I think this is from the Chakra series. Underneath, I’ve got an Ikat Cool Racerback. These are called Right Round Pants.


Lululemon Outfit of the Day – 57

Hello hello everyone!
Today I’m wearing a Stress Less Hoodie in  Heathered Black and black Herringbone Wunder Unders. It is a cozy day.


In-Store Try-on Reports!

First up! The &go Everywhere LS. I liked this, but didn’t LOVE it. In my head, because it’s made of Seriously Light Luon, I wanted it to fit loosely like my 105 F singlets. It does not. As stated on the tag, it is “slim fit.” Very comfortable although I felt a little exposed- I don’t love the v-neck. Pretty easy “no.”



Next up,  the Healthy Heart Pullover II. This Coco Pique is glorious, as usual. I expect to see a lot of this in the coming months. This was cozy, comfy and just too pretty, in my opinion. The reason I had to say no was more just a selection thing: I can’t get everything! But also: I don’t love the elastic band on the bottom. I would prefer that this fall more naturally. 



Next!  I know I’ve written previously about these before. They’re relatively new, Terry Scuba Hoodies. I like them :-) They’re soft, but not too warm.



Finally, my pick of the day, the Stress Less Hoodie. Huge fan. So cozy. Falls well. So comfy. 


Lululemon Outfit of the Day- 56

I’m up early today! I took this at the gym.

Here I’m wearing a heathered Bleached Coral 105 F singlet, a Stuff Your Bra in Flowabunga Bleached Coral & black  Fast Track shorts. I love these shorts. They’re like a bra. For your butt.  

Reminds me of this episode of the Simpsons where Homer goes to the gym. I haven’t been in forever! 


Lululemon Outfit of the Day

Hello everyone! Today I’m wearing a Raspberry Glo Longsleeve Swiftly. A Go The Distance Vest in black, plain black Wunder Unders & a Slalom Stripe Pretty Pink Vinyassa Scarf. The leg warmers are from Target, and in case you’re wondering- that’s a Fitbit Surge on my wrist. 

The Newest Pretties

 Kanto Catch Me Longsleeve in Slate (Herringbone)  

  More Kanto Catch Me LS action, but in Sapphire Blue, shown with the Tight Stuff Tight.  

Drop It Like It’s Hot Tights!

Healthy Heart Pullovers are back! Piqué please!


The &Go collection has brought with it this really pretty Where-To dress.


  & Go Everywhere Longsleeve in Heathered Sapphire Blue  

Run: Short Sleeve crew *Granite Heathered Bon Bon    

Wunder Under Pants Cliuded Dreams Sprinkler Multi


Wunder Under  Dramatic Static White Black  


Things from Australia that I Hope We Get!

This Tofino Scribble White Multi Bon Bon Cool Racerback   
And this Flow Y in the same color

And this Stuff Your Bra… In the same color.


While we’re on the topic of Stuff Your Bras, I pretty much love all of them and hope they return to the North American market this holiday season. In all of the colors.


Above: Windy Blooms Regal Plum Multi/ Black  
  Above: Ultra Violet / Space Dye Twist Ultra Violet Multi

   Above:Mini Ziggy Snake Pipe Dream Blue Sapphire

As you can see, I REALLY hope to see the return of the Stuff Your Bra. 


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