Lululemon OOTD: Day 46

Hello again! Again!

Day 46 of my challenge brings plenty of Bumble Berry! 105 F singlet, Dance Studio Jacket and Rust Berry Pique Wunder Unders!


Lululemon OOTD: Day 45

Welcome back! Or “hi there,” if you’re a new visitor, recently I’ve been doing an outfit of the day challenge! Here is Day 45:


I’m wearing a space dye No Limits Tank and Glyder crops.

Lululemon OOTD: Day 44

Busy busy busy day today! My husband’s car battery died and he had to borrow mine, so I took Uber to and from school today. The best part of the day was playing with my puppy when I got home!


I absolutely love this top. I love love love it. I think I’ve worn it 4 times since I received it! This top is from Dentz Design on Etsy and I’m wearing it over a Paris Pink Cool Racerback with Rulu Base Runners in Coco Pique. Literally living in these Base Runners and other Pique and Herringbone fabric pants lately due to the atypically arctic conditions in my area.

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Lululemon OOTD: Day 43

Wow! This weather can let up ANY TIME now! Today I’ve got my Rest Less long sleeve on over a Pop Petal CoolRacerback, and I’m wearing Heathered Black Pleasing Pants. I love these! So cozy, for such a blustery day!


Lululemon OOTD: Day 42

I’m at an Oscar-watching pizza party! Wearing my Post Practice Cardi in Plum Peach, Work it Out Track Pants in Dune & Bleached Coral, and Surfs Up Scarf.


Lululemon OOTD: Day 41

Today I am wearing Wunder Unders with a Scuba Hoodie (Chakra) and a Back on Track tank in black


Lululemon OOTD: Day 40

Another snow day!


Today I wore a Define jacket with Rose Herringbone in Alberta Lake, with matching Wunder Unders and a Ziggy Wee Inkwell/ Split Pea Cool Racerback. The scarf is also Lululemon, I believe it was issued during the Olympics, but I may be mistaken.

I’m honor of the snow day (4th this week), I generated this meme:


FYI: I did 8 hours of math. Yup. 8 hours. So excite! LOL!

Lululemon OOTD: Day 39

Today’s outfit is a black grape Race Your pace 1/2 zip, Midnight Iris Cool Racerback and Heathered Medium Grey Pleasing Pants


Lululemon OOTD: Day 38

Day 38 was Plum-based.
Snowed-in again, I wore a Dance Studio Jacket, Cool Racerback in Plum/ Raspberry Glo, and Speed Tights. I’m also wearing a black Vinyassa scarf.


Sorry this one’s a day late!
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Lululemon OOTD: Day 37

Today I’m wearing one of my favorite tops: the Raspberry Piqué Base Runner Half Zip over a Wamo Camo Cool Racerback with Black/ Heathered Black Base Runner pants. Hooray for Rulu!

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Ps: the orange thing on the ground is my dog’s toy. She wants to play! :)

Also: those are Rudolph Christmas socks. I am so fashion.


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