I’ve Been Featured on Racked!

Welcome, internet people! When Chavie Lieber contacted me from Racked to get my opinion on the resale market, I was a little nervous, but I am REALLY happy with the way she depicted me and my opinions in her article. I dutifully answered her questions and directed her towards many of my articles on the subject. For convenience, I’ll list them here:

The Culture of a Lululemon Addict

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Don’t be a Unicorn Thief, Update

Introduction to the Secondary Market

What Drives the Prices of USED Clothing over Retail?

How to Determine Where to Sell Your Item

How to sell on eBay

On Unicorns

Selling & Buying on Facebook – how to start selling

How to Determine The Value of Your Item

How to get the BEST deals on Lululemon

Thanks for coming to visit my blog and I hope you follow me for future Lululemon market updates!


Markdowns Across Lulu-Land!

I just HAD to share this because we all know how rarely Lululemon holds sales.

My opinion: We Made Too Much section has been pretty barren for many weeks. Not since Boxing Day has anything in the mark down section other than one pair of Wunder Unders caught my eye- And those were on “Super Mark Down” at only $34! Here’s a picture because I wouldn’t believe me either! LOL!


Given the fact that the last several weeks of “We Made Too Much” have consisted of items that were either sold out in popular sizes (6,8), or that they were unpopular items in general, I was delighted when I opened up “We Made Too Much” this morning to see so many gorgeous items in full size runs. I can’t make any guarantees that you’ll find something cute for yourself, but I would take a peek this week if I were you.

The other thing I want to let you know about are the IN-STORE sales that are happening. As far as I know, nothing is happening in my local store, but I’ve seen a few ads about stores in other markets that are holding sales in-store! Don’t forget to sign up for local emails and check the Facebook page(s) of your local Lululemon(s) to see if they’re holding a sale this weekend like other stores!

Here are a few I’ve seen:

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Things I’m Loving Right Now

I decided to re-start my old series, “Things I Love Right Now.” A lot of different bloggers cover uploads, and they actually do a really great job at it. I think I’ll stick to talking about things I love, it’s more fun this way. I hope you enjoy!

ZOMG! I regret missing out on the Blue Tropics items when they came out around Christmas (with all the other good stuff, am I right?) These are totally cute! I hope they release more Blue Tropics items!

ZOMG! I regret missing out on the Blue Tropics items when they came out around Christmas (with all the other good stuff, am I right?) These are totally cute! I hope they release more Blue Tropics items! I should note, that these are 100% Full-Lux, and do not have the usual mesh behind the knees that other Inspire Crops have.

I know a lot of people aren't crazy about the "If You're Lucky" line of items, but I actually like this tank. It's selling fairly well online too! The lightweight material will be great during the summer.

I know a lot of people aren’t crazy about the “If You’re Lucky” line of items, but I actually like this tank. It’s selling fairly well online too! The lightweight material will be great during the summer.

Pace Rival Skirt looks great on this girl!

Pace Rival Skirt looks great on this girl!

I'm absolutely LOVING this skirt! It's so pretty!

I’m absolutely LOVING this skirt! It’s so pretty!

The Body Shop Bouncy Sleep Mask Review

Hey guys!

The Body Shop recently released a new face mask and I wanted to take the time to tell you about it! As many of you, who follow my blog know, The Body Shop has been sending me their new offerings since July 2014, and all they ask is that I write a review on their site. They don’t ask me (or pay me!) to do anything else. I just wanted to make it clear, in case anyone was wondering whether or not I get paid for these reviews. I have done quite a few!

Let’s get to the meat then!

I’ve been testing this mask for over two weeks now, wearing it every other night. I think I’ve developed a pretty well-rounded opinion. First off, I gave this 5 stars online. I absolutely loved it and I really think it’s my absolute favourite product that I’ve tried that they’ve sent me so far, other than the Argan Oil body butter. I absolutely LOVE their Body Butters, they’re why I fell in love with The Body Shop products in the first place. Honourable mentions will also go to their Tea Tree line of products.

When I first received it, I liked the packaging but was curious about the texture.

Here are some pics for you:

Outer box it comes in

Outer box it comes in



Texture of Bouncy Sleep Mask

Texture of Bouncy Sleep Mask

Spatula to scoop product

Spatula to scoop product

























It’s interesting and certainly lives up to its name. It IS bouncy! When I first started using it, I was what I would call generous and what others might call “heavy-handed” with my application. Soon enough I learned that you don’t really need that much at all to ensure maximum effectiveness. It smells nice, but it’s not overly pefume-y, which I enjoy. Scent is important when you’re going to be sleeping with it on. I usually apply it about 2-3 hours before bed time in order to let it sit on my skin, undisturbed before going to sleep. The mask stays on fairly well over night, even considering the fact that I’m a side-sleeper. It comes off easily when I wash my face in the morning and reveals gorgeous, fresh, ‘bouncy’ skin. My favorite part about this mask is how my skin looks and feel after using it. As many of you know, I am a student, this mask makes my skin look like it “woke up” at least two hours before me when I wash this mask off in the morning. It’s hard to describe, but I’d use the words “hydrated” and “refreshed” to tell you how my skin looks and feels after using this mask. Oh, and it’s not even a bit greasy! Really great buy if you’re in the market for a new hydrating mask.

Did you buy this? What do YOU think? Let me know in the comments below!

Lululemon OOTD: Day 50 AND BLOG UPDATE

Wow! 50 OOTDs! I’m half way through my challenge! I have been evaluating this challenge and I feel as though I’m running out of unique outfits. Because of the weather, I’ve been wearing a lot of Pleasing Pants and Still pants, when I would like to be wearing Wunder Under crops and skirts! I am very much enjoying this series but I think I’m going to finish my challenge beginning July 10th so that I can do summer outfits and so that I don’t keep showing you guys the same things.

I hope you guys stick around until July when I re-start this challenge and do the second half, but until then, I will be focusing on other articles for this blog. You can look forward to my continuing beauty blogs reviewing products, and I will be re-starting a series I used to do called “Things I’m Loving Right Now,” which was about new Lululemon products. I’m also working on a post I’ve been meaning to do for a long time on the difference between a couple of companies I really like. The other thing I want to write about is other athletic companies’ clothing in comparison to Lululemon. I already have a brand in mind.

Hopefully y’all can stick around until July 10th to see the last half of my challenge where I hope to showcase my summer collection, and in the meantime, I hope you enjoy the other articles I will be working on.

Thank you for your support and thank you for reading!


Lululemon OOTD: Day 49

This outfit it a lie. Typically, I wouldn’t begin a post with such language, however, my second cold in less than 2 months has left me quite indisposed and I’m none too pleased about it. That said, my “indisposal” has caused me to avoid leaving my house whatsoever today, as I rested in my PJs and only changed clothes to snap this pic. The result, this outfit, is a lie because it is NOT what I wore today. Nevertheless, I committed to a post per day, and barring any extenuating circumstances, I intend to fulfill my commitment.


Flashlight/ Inkwell No Limits Tank and Vinyasa scarf plus a black Pleat to Street Skirt.

Lululemon’s OOTD: Day 48

Today, was also freezing. A good layering was in order, and so it was fulfilled. I wore a Midnight Iris Cool Racerback under my Coco Pique Race Your Pace 1/2 Zip under my Scuba *SE Vest in Inkwell, with Cadet Blue Still Pants. Very cozy. I also thought a Vinyasa would be a good idea and added this Pigment Blue striped Grey one.


Lululemon OOTD: Day 47

Day 47 brought a Parallel Stripe scuba and a Blurred Blossom/ Grey No Limits Tank with some Cadet Blue Serenity pants. Sorry this is a day late! I should set an alarm for myself so I don’t forget to post!


Lululemon OOTD: Day 46

Hello again! Again!

Day 46 of my challenge brings plenty of Bumble Berry! 105 F singlet, Dance Studio Jacket and Rust Berry Pique Wunder Unders!


Lululemon OOTD: Day 45

Welcome back! Or “hi there,” if you’re a new visitor, recently I’ve been doing an outfit of the day challenge! Here is Day 45:


I’m wearing a space dye No Limits Tank and Glyder crops.


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