Lululemon OOTD #84

Hello everyone!

I haven’t done an outfit of the day in a while, and I have a few extra minutes to spare, so why not post one!?


Here we have it: Wunder Unders in Vintage Pink/Cadet Blue Space Dye, with a similar March WAFS Space dye Cool Racerback, layered under a Walmart find that is very lightweight and says “Live To Love.” I heart it! 

New Year’s Resolution Updates- Week 4

Weekly Update- Week 4

Hello everyone, this is week four of my New Year’s Resolution to lose weight. It’s not been an easy journey so far, but no one promised that losing weight would be easy! I have in total lost 3.2 pounds, which is 0.8 pounds below my goal. I’m reconsidering my calorie goals, going from 1500/ day to 1400/ day, but what I really think I need to do is establish a more consistent exercise routine. I gained back a little this week, but I’m not going to give up!


Snow day ruined gym plans, but I made it on Monday to see how it was and I did do some exercise on Tuesday. I definitely need to make it more often, but the free gym on campus (where I went) is always packed, so I find it very intimidating.

Day 22

SNOW DAY! So, this was great for my productivity. I got some school work done and I got some blogging done, but it wasn’t so great because I had planned to go check out the campus gym after class today. That did not work out. So, I’m going to go on Monday. I have a 3-hour break between two classes, so I should have time to go then! I went just over my calorie goal by a smidge, but not too much.

Day 23

Oh, Saturday, you’re out to get me! Just kidding. Went way over my calorie goal, but had a fabulous time at dinner with my husband then went to a comedy show at the local opera house. I think I ruined my entire week though. We’ll see how this goes.

Day 24

Woke up with a lot on my mind. I have way too much work to do. I had brunch with my mother in law anyways, and had a reasonable amount of calories. Spent most of the day afterwards working on school stuff. Ended up going over my calorie goal by 300. Ugh. :-(

Day 25

Busy day! Did end up going to check out the gym, but it was a lot like I would imagine that it would be. Crowded and busy. Although, the equipment seemed relatively well cared for. It turns out- I needed to bring my own lock and it hadn’t occurred to me that I might need one, so I didn’t end up working out. Ended up eating slightly below my calorie goal.

Day 26

I did end up working out today! Yay! Did 45 minutes of fairly intense cardio. Was under my calorie goal by about 200.

Day 27

Long day, but ate 400 calories below my calorie goal.

Day 28

Finally, a short day. Followed my diet today. Pretty pleased about the last few days.

Day 29

Had a special lunch today with my mentor that included other students and their mentors. I even won a gift certificate for a free brunch! Chinese class, then Chinese language table. At language table today we got to have jiao zi, which are dumplings. They were delicious. Exhausted by the time I got home and took a 3-hour nap! Ended up slightly below my calorie goal. But reconsidering my calorie goals due to weight gain.


New Year’s Resolution 2016- Updates Week 3

Hello everyone! As usual, I’d like to thank you for following my journey, and again, if you are on your own journey, I’d be very interested in following yours as well. We can encourage each other! As with last week, and the week before, I’ll be following the same format of one weekly update, with daily updates below that.

Weekly Update: Week 3

So, this week was OK. I really need to not be so hard on myself. I went over in my calories sometimes, but other times I was under. I also went back to class this week, so there was a huge schedule shift there. I haven’t done any exercise this week at all. Admitting that is the hardest thing, but it’s necessary. I want to be totally transparent and honest with myself… and with you guys. I lost 1.9 pounds this week. That’s a little over my goal of 1 pound a week, so I’m happy with that. I hope I’m able to lose as much this upcoming week! I finally think I figured out how to drink more water using a system of water bottles that I can fill every morning and just cart them around with me… We’ll see if I can stick to it.

Day 15

Officially quit the Ab Challenge and have decided to find something else to do. Had a very pleasant day. I got a lot done during the afternoon, then went out with some friends in the evening. I definitely went over my calorie goal by about 500 today! Ooops!

Day 16

Did a whole lot of nothing today. Went over my calorie goal by 200 too. Not the best continuation of the weekend.

Day 17

I’m so happy that I got to reconnect with a friend that I haven’t seen in a while today. We only live a few blocks away from each other, but we’re both just so busy all the time that we never see each other! Okay, mostly she’s the busy one. LOL. We had brunch at a local cafe and stayed to chat over a second coffee. It was glorious. Brunch was just a couple of scrambled eggs and 3 links of turkey sausage, so just about 600 calories- not bad. I ended up under my goal by a few hundred calories, making up for yesterday.

Day 18

Ended up only eating sushi today, and again finished the day under my calorie goal. Today I spent cleaning the house and organizing my stuff. First day of class tomorrow! Spring semester 2016 is here!

Day 19

A few hundred calories under my goal again. Making up for the weekend still! First day of school was fun. I’m in my last year, so I know a lot of the people in my classes! It’s great! This blogger is not what one might call a social butterfly, but there are plenty of intelligent and friendly people in my International Economics class that I’ve met in previous semesters and it’s a pleasure to see them again.

Day 20

Way over the calorie goal. By a thousand. I ate way too much brie & crackers. But they were delicious and I was hungry, so I’m not going to waste life berating myself. Back on the wagon tomorrow!


Day 21

Got to see a fabulous motivational speaker named Javier Pena speak today, he was pure inspiration. He was the musical director/ conductor of the Goodwill Band, seen here in this film. He has since moved on to pursue other projects, but the Goodwill band carries on without him. I think part of the reason why I found this film and his speech so touching is my personal experience with the differently abled and growing up in an environment that allowed me to have experiences that I know others have not had the opportunity to have. I am grateful to have had the experiences that I have had and feel that getting to know the people that I have come to know has enriched my life. So, when Javier was telling us that all people, regardless of whether they have disabilities or not, simply want to be treated with dignity and respect, I knew exactly what he meant.

I was able to stay under my calorie goal, despite abundant food available at the event.

Side note: If you do watch the documentary about the Goodwill band, you’ll notice the (former) Mayor of Miami, Manny Diaz is in it. I met him once and had a chat while he was on a book tour. He also gave a presentation about his time as mayor. Really ambitious leader with big ideas.



Things I Learned About Living in the South

1. Golf Carts are acceptable forms of transportation. Everywhere. This guy down the street from me uses his to visit friends in our neighbourhood. My university uses theirs to take potential students on tours and to provide transportation to sanitation and gardening crews.

2. Hugs are for everyone. Even that guy you just met. If you choose to shake hands, people will think you don’t like them. I learned this the hard way, and still get made fun of by my friend’s girlfriend for not hugging him when we first met.

3. They test the tornado sirens at the same time every week. I was terrified the first time I heard them. As I thought they were dropping the bomb. I hid in the closet until my husband came home and explained that they ‘test’ the sirens as a cruel joke… er, I mean, to make sure they’ll work in an emergency.

4. Barbecue is a subject of much contention. Where the “best” barbecue is sold is quite contested among Southerners and I’ve learned not to ask in group situations. Much in the same way one does not discuss politics and religion, one does not discuss prefered barbecue venue.

5. Fixin’ to. If you’re “Fixin’ to,” you’re ‘preparing to.’ You can be “Fixin’ to take a bath,” “Fixin’ to go grocery shopping,” “Fixin’ to eat,” etc… You can also be “Fixin’ dinner” but you cannot be “Fixin’ the car.” Also: “Fin” is just short for fixin’, because that needed to be shortened. My husband sometimes says that he is “fin’uh order pizza” and I now speak enough of the Southern dialect to understand and tell him that I would like mushrooms on mine.

6. There are no basements. When I first moved here, I was confused by the near total lack of basements. House tours that came without basement vistas seemed incomplete to me, but were the norm to my Southern friends. So, I Googled “Why don’t Southern homes have basements” and found this genius answer on Quora.

In addition to concerns regarding flooding, the original purpose of building a basement was to lower the foundation below the ground’s frost point to prevent frost heaving. Fascinating.

7. You can’t order traditional tea. If you order tea, you’ll receive an iced, sugary beverage. If you ask people if they serve tea, they’ll ask you whether you prefer sweetened or unsweetened and bring you a dark, chilled drink. You must specifically ask whether or not establishments serve hot tea. If they do, you’re in luck and they will likely raise an eyebrow before bringing you a hot cup of water with a Bigelow tea bag on the side.

8. There are bugs everywhere… sometimes that’s not such a bad thing…

but sometimes it is…

With regards to the pics of the bugs, the first two are from around my yard, and the last one is from near my school. I’m glad the gigantic spider was choosing to live near my school, while the butterfly and ladybug preferred to take up residence near my home.

I hope you enjoyed this list of things I learned after moving to the South. Thanks for reading!

Lululemon Vinyassa Scarf vs Ivivva Village Chill Scarf

Hello everyone! I thought it would be a good idea to help people who LOVE the Vinyasa scarf discover the Ivivva Village Chill Scarf. If you like the Vinyasa scarf, the Ivivva version is a smaller version. It is also Rulu and I took a chance and ordered one on markdown a few weeks ago. I think Ivivva’s uploads occur on the same days as Lululemon’s, which are Tuesday afternoons for new merchandise and Thursday mornings for markdowns. So, for $14 I figured I would try the Ivivva version of the Vinyasa scarf I love so much. I’m glad to report that I like it so far and find it just as easy to wear as my Vinyasas.

Measurements & Comparison Photos

The Ivivva scarf is about 25 inches long and 19 inches wide, while the Vinyasa scarf is about 29 inches long and 25 inches wide. Also worth mentioning: there is no loop tab on the smaller Ivivva scarf, while the Lululemon one does have one. I’ve never used mine, so this does not affect me, but I thought it would be of interest to some people.


Lululemon Vinyasa Scarf vs Ivivva Village Chill Scarf

Edited to add:

In response to my reader: they feel like they’re the same thickness, it’s the same Rulu I know & love. But the sides of the Ivivva one are rolling because like some of the older Lululemon Vinyasa scarves, the sides do not have finished seams. I hope this helps!

New Year’s Resolution 2016- Updates Week 2

Hello everyone! Thanks for following my journey, you are all awesome. If you are doing a journey I’ve been trying to follow blogs that are working on their journeys as well and if you can link yours below, that would be awesome. I’m going to keep the same “formula” as last update, and do one “weekly update,” with a bunch of “daily updates” below it.

Weekly Update: Week 2

This week was more difficult than last week in terms of exercise. It’s my last week off before classes start up again and I’ve been trying to fit in as much social time as possible, while still maintaining my commitments to my diet and exercise program. It has been trying. This week I lost 1.3 pounds. So, it’s right around my goal and I am satisfied by that.

HOWEVER, I really need to figure out an exercise schedule. I don’t think I’ll be able to complete the ab challenge as it exists, as it has become too “challenging” for someone in my fitness level range to do. I think day 10 is really my current max when it comes to performing the exercises in the ab challenge with proper form and without risking injuring myself. I will have to replace the Ab Challenge with something else, and perhaps reattempt it when I’m in better condition to attempt to do so. Another issue is that my husband and I have yet to choose a gym. I thought about making an executive decision on that one and just paying the $10 for Planet Fitness and, since there are no contracts, just stopping payments if we choose a different gym. I think there’s a gym on campus, but I don’t know how the facilities are- and in my experience, campus gyms are legitimately dangerous (old/ broken equipment) and fill me with an uncomfortable feeling that can only be attributed to a sense that I’m being watched. I’m not giving up though!

Finally, I’ve determined that I need a better strategy for drinking water. I am usually getting about 4 glasses a day, but that’s only half my goal!

I’m actually excited for school to begin on Tuesday because of the regular schedule and stability it affords me.

Day 8

Today was such a mixed bag. I had such a stressful morning followed by an absolutely wonderful evening. I had dinner with friends I hadn’t seen in quite some time. What I LOVED about the restaurant we went to was that  they had the calories listed next to every meal, so I had real information instead of having to guess. Today was my “Rest Day” for the Ab Challenge and I also took it easy with regards to any type of strength training. Only 4 glasses of water again. I think I need a better strategy for this…

Day 9

Did ab challenge, but not much else. Spent the day cleaning the house and catching up on a promise I made to a friend to write something for his blog. Did well on my calories, almost 200 left over.

Day 10

Really busy day today, did the ab challenge, but over ate a little with my family at dinner. We went to Ruby Tuesday’s and I had the Bourbon Salmon for 465 calories, but I ordered the Brussel’s Sprouts and they came all yummy and covered in stuff that’s probably bad for me. Oh well. The rest of the day I spent doing some spring cleaning. I’m trying to do some purging before heading back to class on the 19th. Drank 4 glasses of water

Day 11

I was really sore today too. I don’t exactly know why. I took it easy and just did the ab challenge. I also had a get together with friends where we discussed what we’re going to be cooking in an upcoming competition. I am going to be making poutine. Yes, really. We just don’t know whether we’re going to enter it into the “beef” or “exotic” category. Hahaha. Did well on my calories, despite the availability of yummy food at the get together!

Day 12

Rest day. Went out to dinner with the girls. It was great. We talked about weddings and wedding planning. We went to a restaurant and I ordered a salad and the tuna steak. It came with dessert. I took one glorious bite and brought the rest of the coconut cream pie home for my husband to munch on. I looked up the caloric values on their website and was pleasantly surprised to see that I had 100 calories left over at the end of the day.

NSV: My face looks less puffy.

Day 13

Got another Vitalize Peel today. I’m planning to write a review of them, but also, on days when you get them you’re supposed to avoid strenuous activity. I think I made up for it by eating less, but I really need to get back to my workout DVDs. I still completed my ab challenge for the day. Stayed under my calorie goal.

Day 14

Busy day today! Dental appointment, then lunch with a friend, followed by a debate-watch party. I watch all the debates on both sides. I really enjoy political discourse and watching skilled debaters spar. I completed the ab challenge, but they’re getting much harder. I think I might have to reconsider this goal. Went a little over today in my calorie goal, but not by too much.




What I’m loving Right Now

Hello everyone,

This is a series I used to do, and sometimes still do sporadically, and since I’ve noticed a few items I’d like to feature, I figured I’ll make mention of my faves right now. As of writing this, all items I discuss are available online.

1. Define Jacket in Diamond Jacquard Berry Rumble Jeweled Magenta

Lululemon Diamond Jacquard Berry Rumble Jewelled Magenta Define Jacket

As I mentioned in a previous post, I would love to see a true red Define jacket, but this is close enough. Gorgeous, thick fabric for comfortable Fall or Winter wear.

2. Swiftly Tech Short Sleeve Crew in Heathered Ultra Violet

Short Sleeve Swiftly in Heathered Ultra Violet.jpeg

Heathered Ultra Violet is probably my third favorite color. Side note: I can’t believe I have a favorite color list in my head that goes past one. For the curious, my fourth favorite color is Pigment Blue. (First: Bordeaux Drama, Second: Paris Pink, but I’ve mentioned these two before)

Anyways, there’s not much I can say about Switflys that hasn’t been said before. They’re great for working out in. They’re just comfortable, and this happens to be a great color. All Swiftlys rarely make it to WMTM, and if they do, they’re often marked down by only $9, so, if you’re liking one, I would just buy it at regular price.

3. Align Pants in Raspberry

Align Pants in Raspberry

Ah, Align pants. These are just so comfy you never want to take them off! I first talked about these when they came out, and I remember saying that I would wait for them to come out in colors and prints, since I already have enough pairs of black leggings with colored waistbands. Well, here they are!

4. Pace Rival Crop in Space Dye Twist Naval Blue Peacock Blue/Peacock Blue

Pace Rival Crop in space dye twist naval blue peacock blue:peacock blue.jpeg

I have to admit, that I don’t think that Pace Rival crops look the best on me. I tried them on in-store one time and didn’t love them. However, I might be willing to give them another try for this color combo.

5. Vent It Out Crop in Ultra Violet Multi/ Naval Blue

Vent It Out Crop in Space Dye Twist Ultra Violet Multi: Naval Blue.jpeg

I know I’ve mentioned these before somewhere on my blog, but since they’re still available in sizes 4 – 10, I figured that they deserved a second shout out. These are great. Comfortable and don’t move around. The venting is well-placed. They’re more of a Spring crop, but I would give them 5 stars and can’t more highly recommend them.

What is standing out to you right now? Let me know in the comments below!